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  • Well, it's a start ...

  • Drivers who kill someone in the most serious cases of dangerous and careless driving will now face life sentences.

    Causing death by dangerous driving, or death by careless driving while drunk or on drugs, will carry the top-level punishment.

    About time too, in my opinion.

    Most people who kill someone when driving only get three or four years in prison, which on good behaviour, would mean they would be out in half of that. This new life sentence will stop that nonsense, with one obvious caveat. We have no life sentences in the UK. Life does not mean the rest of someone's life, should it?

  • Quote

    Speaking a day after the Brexit talks were described as “deadlocked” by the EU’s chief negotiator, Jean-Claude Juncker accused the UK being unwilling to compromise over the divorce bill.

    Juncker insisted the British “have to pay” if they want talks to begin on a future trade deal between the UK and the EU.


    Dear Mr.Juncker,

    The war cost Britain about £120 billion in 1945. In today's money that equates to about £4,200 billion. A considerable amount of this sum was spent initially trying to defend you and other now EU countries from the Germans which you failed to do yourselves. A further sum was spent freeing present EU countries from German occupation, again which you failed to do your yourselves.

    Could you please let us have your proposals as to what you think is your and the other EU countries fair share of these costs? As an initial figure, we would put

  • OSCAR winning actress Emma Thompson has compared Harvey Weinstein to child abuser Jimmy Savile.

    In an interview with Newsnight , Thompson described the allegations as "endemic to the system," adding that Weinstein is the "tip of the iceberg" of what goes on in the movie business.

    I tend to not read stories about crimes, especially ones related to sexual offences, but you'd have to be on Mars not to have read or seen at least one story about Harvey Weinstein, the Hollywood mogul who has spent his whole life using his position to abuse women, according to the many allegations against him.

    From the horrors of Jimmy Saville's actions to these latest lurid allegations against Weinstien, the one positive I take from all these kind of stories is that more and more, things are coming out into the open. The light is being shone, where only darkness prevailed.

    People like Saville got away with their crimes

  • It's Friday 13th, the most cursed day in the calendar - allegedly - where everything is fated to go wrong. But where did we get the idea that it's a date when bad things happen?

    On a walk through Birmingham city centre, everyone I ask has heard the notion that dark forces are at work on this "dreaded day". But do they believe it?

    Some say this day is cursed, and I must admit I do always get a little chill down my spine on Friday the 13th, but why is this? It's just a say like any other, there's no unseen force doing bad things on this day, or is there?

    I did trip over once on Friday 13th and banged my head. I was watching tv and wasn't paying attention to what I was actually doing, which was putting my trousers on.:)

    Perhaps the day is really cursed after all. Watch out, especially when getting dressed!:evil:^^