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  • Top five UK visitor attractions in 2016:

    • British Museum - 6.4 million visits
    • National Gallery -6.3 million
    • Tate Modern - 5.8 million
    • Natural History Museum - 4.6 million
    • Southbank Centre - 3.9 million

    This recent BBC article is saying that foreign visitors to the UK are up, but Brits are spending more time at home too and why not, we have lots of nice things to see and do in the country, but London dominates with the top visitor attractions.

    I think if we were were talking visitor attractions it would be a tie between Hampton Court Palace, The British Museum and Leeds Castle.

    If it were towns/cities, hard one, London, Bath, Winchester, Oxbridge would all be contenders.

    I like a bit of beach though, was at Bournemouth last week and that had a nice beach, so probably North Wales, Devon/Cornwall, South Coast of England would all be contenders. To my shame, I've never been to Scotland, so

  • Taxpayer-funded medical research is producing medicines which are increasingly unaffordable for patients who need them, says a new report.

    Campaigners claim that the NHS spent more than £1bn on drugs developed from publically funded research in 2016.

    But the UK pharmaceutical industry said the main driver of price was the value of drugs to patients.

    The BBC article goes on to describe a cancer drug that was developed in the 80s using public funds costs almost £80k for full course of the treatment. Yet, Nice reckons the drugs company could make a profit out of the drug if it were sold for £1 per pill. It's currently sold for 140 times that and as Nice are the body who decide what drugs can be made available on the NHS, they decided that this drug is affordable.

    Should private companies that are given pubic funds be forced to sell their drugs to the NHS at a lower price?

  • When dentists warned that tens of thousands of people were being unfairly fined £100 after a visit to the surgery - it prompted a big response from the audience.

    They described their distress at getting mistakenly caught up in a system of penalties intended to catch fraudsters getting free treatment

    This sounds like a complete mess with people who are exempt from dentistry fees getting fined and it hits the most vulnerable the hardest.

    Many people have trouble accessing a NHS dentist and having just one filling done using a private dentist can cost hundreds of pounds. Does the whole system need reforming and if so, how?

    Have to say I was rather surprised when I read this article the other day that dentists can fine people. Did you know that? Have you ever got a fine from the dentist?

  • Gazumping could be banned as part of Government plans to make buying and selling a home "cheaper, faster and less stressful".

    Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has called for evidence from mortgage lenders, solicitors and estate agents as ministers consider proposals aimed at streamlining the process of buying a property.

    Although around one million homes are bought and sold in England every year, a quarter of sales fall through.

    About time too. The system of buying and selling houses in this country is ridiculous and always has been. Once an offer has been made ( Subject to survey.) and accepted by the seller it should be legally binding. Whole chains of sellers and buyers are inconvenienced and sometimes put to enormous expense because greedy people get a better offer at the last minute.

    When I was selling a house once, on the day the contracts were due to be exchanged the buyer rang me and

  • GUNPOWDER is a new BBC historical drama set to remember, remember the fifth of November - with a little help from everyone's favourite Game of Thrones star and a rock legend's daughter.

    I'm going to do something tonight which I generally don't do on any night, let alone on a Saturday and switch on live telly to BBC1.

    A new drama called Gunpowder starts tonight which tells the events of the attempt to blow up parliament in 1605. Here's a link to the BBC's page on the show, but if you don't already know, the drama stars Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones, so it's gotta be worth a watch.