Tips on using this site

Here's a few tips on using this site, a full help guide will be published in the future.
(last updated 5th August 2017)

  1. How to navigate a thread/topic
    In a thread index page, if you click on a thread title, it will take you to the last unread post of that thread. If all posts are read, it will take you to the first post in the thread, but what if you want to go the last post instead? Simple, click on the avatar/profile picture of the last poster in the right hand side column under Last Replies to go to the last post. If you hover long enough over the picture a pop up will appear telling you it will take you to the last post.
  2. How to see previews of threads
    If you want to see a preview of a thread without clicking into it, simply position your mouse cursor over the thread title and a pop-up box will appear showing you a little preview.
  3. How to create a new thread
    I think you all know how to create a new thread, simply click on the create new thread button with a thread index. Soon that button will appear on the main forum index too.
  4. Embedding a picture in a post
    To embed a picture from your computer/device into a forum post, simply click on the attachments button at the bottom of the editor box. (the editor box is the box you type your text into) Click upload picture, select your picture(s) from your computer/device and wait for it to upload. Then click on full image and finally click on the blue submit button at the bottom of the editor box.
  5. How to see your own posts
    Different ways to do this. One way is to move your mouse pointer over Forum in the main menu at the top of the page, don't click it, as that will bring up the main forum index page. A drop down sub menu will appear and one of the options will be My Posts. Click My Posts to show a list of your posts. The other main way is to click on Posts under your own avatar/profile picture within a thread in the left hand side-bar.
  6. How to post a youtube video or video from another video site
    Go to youtube (or whatever site you wish) select the video you want, copy it's full web address (URL) and paste that URL directly into your forum post. Once you have finished your post, click Submit and the full video will be embedded into your post.
  7. Quoting/Multi-Quoting
    I think you all know about the powerful quoting feature here, but to repeat you can quote from as many different threads as you wish, save them all and post them all in a single reply. To quote whole posts, simply click on the Quote button in the bottom right hand of each message, near the like button. You can do this as many times as you wish, with as many different threads and forums as you like. When you have all your quotes ready, click on the blue box which should appear at the bottom right of the page when you within a thread which will say Quote(s). Then click on the subsequent box, then click Insert All Quotes. Done.

    But the best way to quote is to quote the exact text you are replying to, rather than the whole post. To do this, select the text you wish to quote with your mouse to highlight it. A pop-up box will appear giving you two options: Save Quote/Insert Quote. If it is only one piece of text you are quoting, click on Insert Quote and the quoted text will be inserted into the editor box ready for your reply. If you wish to quote multiple texts in different threads and forums, simply select Save Quote and move onto the thread/forum you wish to quote from and repeat the process by highlighting the text and saving it. When you have finished saving all your quotes, click on the blue Quotes(s) box at the bottom right of the page and click on Insert All Quotes, the same process as before when quoting whole posts.

    The software will save all your quotes for you, even if you browser suddenly shuts down or your have a computer malfunction, but sometimes you may decide you don't want the quotes and you want to get rid of them. To do this, go to a thread and click on it, then the blue Quote(s) button will appear in the bottom right of the page. Click it and click on Remove All Quotes from the subsequent box and all the quotes will be removed.

More tips to come!

If you have any questions, please ask in the help forum, and if you have specific questions or queries with these tips, please ask here.