Osborne to earn £650,000 a year advising US financial firm

  • Former Chancellor George Osborne is to be paid £650,000 a year for advising the US fund manager Blackrock.

    In an updated entry in the Commons register of interests, he disclosed that he would be paid £162,500 each quarter and would work 48 days a year.

    He has already earned close to £800,000 for speeches made to banks and other firms since leaving office in July

    The MP for Tatton said he had consulted the business appointments watchdog before taking on the Blackrock job.

    The register of members' interests also states Mr Osborne expects to receive "registrable equity"- shares - in Blackrock "in the future".


    Bearing in mind Wee Georgie's lack of fortune telling skills when he was chancellor, ( We will repay the deficit by 2015 ..........2018......2019.... 2020.... 2022.) I think I'd be more inclined to employ Mystic Meg when it comes to seeking advice about investments. And she'd be cheaper.

  • As with all of these things, it's nothing to do with advice but everything to do with access. Obviously no one has told Blackrock that Osbourne and the PM don't get on, otherwise they might have reconsidered the "consulting" position.

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  • He only wants the editor's job so he can use the Standard to attack May and bid for the leadership if Brexit goes wrong. Unless he just acts as a part time editor in chief, his constituents can kiss goodbye to any hope of getting advice or help about their concerns in the future. According to Andrew Neil, an editor's job can mean working 100 hours a week. I doubt we'll be seeing much of him in the House.

  • Never thought of that Morgan.

    It's quite an effort to go too, to try and get rid of May rather than go the usual route and cause problems from the backbenches.

    I don't see how he can remain a MP with all these other jobs and this could backfire on him. Yes, he can attack May, but she can attack back. And he's given her a nice big reason to do so now.

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