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  • I'm really trying to embrace forumbox but honestly this place is dead. The number of FM's online at any time is tiny, discussions develop slower than wind erosion, new topics are rarely added and the same FM's are propping up every thread. I'm not being blown away thus far. No doubt I'll get a warning for my non constructive critique.

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    Please try and help the site (and all forums) by inviting people you know to them, otherwise it'll just be Facebook and Twitter will rule the waves. The other thing to do is particpate too in creating threads and joining in the discussions. If every member of every forum had a little chat each day, most of them wouldn't be dead.

    My intention was to spend a lot of time promoting this site, but my personal life does not allow that at the moment, so I try my best to do what I can, when I can. Commerical forums like Digital Spy have whole teams of paid staff to deal with them, whereas this site is essentially just run by myself and my mod.

    Feedback is always welcome.:)

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