Amazon boss accuses tabloid of blackmail

  • The world's richest man, founder Jeff Bezos, has accused the owner of a US gossip magazine of trying to blackmail him over lewd pictures.

    He said the National Enquirer's parent company, American Media Inc (AMI), wanted him to stop investigating how they had obtained his private messages.

    Mr Bezos and his wife Mackenzie said they were divorcing last month.

    Hours later the magazine published details, including private messages, of an extramarital affair.

    If you're going to piss off the world's richest man, you betta make sure you have a real good case against him. In this case, it seems that the tabloid wanted to extort money from Bezos in exchange for not publishing his naughty pictures of his wife and himself, which may have been obtained by hacking into his personal messages.

    Bezos could sue this company, or he could buy it and shut it down, if he were in a vindictive mood. Lets see which way he goes.

    American Media Inc should be scared, very scared!=O^^

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  • I am 100% convinced that phone hacking is common practice, oh we had that very public case involving the "News of the world" and that waste of public money appeasement project "the Leveson inquiry", but I am in no doubt that it still goes on, you only have to glance at the media with all scandal mongering they do, it doesn't take much to work it out with all the so and so sent whoever text messages saying whatever.

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.

  • I agree Ron, that this hacking must still be widespread despite the NoW scandal.

    You'd think the Amazon boss knowing a "little" bit about tech stuff, would've protected himself from this sort of thing, but there's no accounting for stupidity. If he keeps his dirty pictures of himself and soon to be ex-wife on his phone, that's his problem.

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