Oscars 2019

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    British actress Olivia Colman defied the odds to scoop an Oscar on a night when Green Book also sprung a surprise by winning the award for best film.

    Colman won best actress for her role in The Favourite and charmed viewers with a funny and tearful speech.

    Green Book won three trophies in total, including best picture, which had been expected to go to Netflix's Roma.

    Anyone see the Oscars this year?

    I've not heard of Green Book or The Favourite, let alone seen them, but I will try to see them at some point. I have heard of Netflix's Roma which was expected to win best film and also Black Panther, but is it just me, or does this year's winners seem a like a bunch of damp squid to you?

    The Queen biopic did very well winning four awards and the ceremony opened with a medley of Queen's music, which seemed the perfect way to start the awards show, especially as they couldn't get a host for it this year.:)

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  • I don't watch the Oscars. Its just a bunch of actors slapping one another on the back for doing what they were paid to do. Likewise with the UK 'honour' system, with the occasional exception for those who do good works without payment or publicity.

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