• This butterfly used to spend the day hidden behind an old rag hanging on a little rack outside the back door. Every day in the winter I'd see it fly out at about ten or eleven in the morning and sun itself on the wall. Later, if I looked behind the rag, there it was, back in its hiding place. This went on all season. I looked the butterfly up and it turned out to be one that has an orange stripe in winter that turns golden in summer.

    Sure enough, come summer, there was the butterfly at the pond waterfall rocks, with a golden stripe on its wing.

  • This morning I was just about to go into the parrot's aviary to clean it when I saw two skinks fighting on one of the vertical branch perches. It was a gladiatorial struggle in their world. To me they were small skinks, as long as my finger, but in their world, they were dragons. One was biting the other's head and so I dropped the cleaning equipment and went to fetch the camera. Of course by the time I got back one skink had been victorious and the other had scarpered. The victor was still on the branch.

    I went into the cage with the camera and Louis decided he should pretend to panic at this hideous object of human technology and started peeping as though the aliens from planet Cameradosia were invading.

    The skink eyed me suspiciously. He usually ignores me but I think he was still pumped up from his battle and he'd never had a camera pointed at him before. They're very intelligent and have great eyesight, so he didn't like the look of this round eye lens thing at all. he slowly slithered up to the wire and poured himself through. Goodbye to any hopes of getting a photo of him in the aviary.

    I was about to leave when I saw him arranged along the outside edge of the aviary and so I sidled up to him again for another try.

    He rose up on his little dragon forelegs and eyed me with deep suspicion. I snapped and snapped and he didn't run off. He seems to have felt safer outside than inside the aviary. I suppose this is because inside he would have been trapped with me and my horrible evil eye companion that clicked and flashed but outside he could slip off into the garden if things got scary.

    You can see the piece on his upper hind leg (little bit of pink flesh showing) where his opponent got a bite in while they were fighting.

  • We were sitting out in the beer garden yesterday and this Red Admiral butterfly kept settling to feed on the dandylions. Even on my trainer:

    Image reloaded. hope it shows now.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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  • I thought it would make itself scarce the moment I got the mobile out to take the shot but it let me get quite close.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


  • Today Mr Wing had to go and get his passport at an office in a small town about half an hour from where we are. As he was going into the town he saw an engineering works that was restoring old tractors and had two outside as exhibits, an old Massey Ferguson and an old Ford.

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