NI political talks have run their course, says Sinn Fein

  • Sinn Féin has said the current phase of Northern Ireland inter-party discussions at Stormont Castle has run its course.

    The party said it will not nominate its Stormont leader Michelle O'Neill as deputy first minister on Monday.

    The decision means no power-sharing executive can be formed in time for Monday afternoon's formal deadline.

    DUP leader Arlene Foster said to date "there was little to suggest that Sinn Fein want to secure agreement".

    "The DUP stands ready to continue to discuss how we can secure new arrangements for Northern Ireland," she said.

    I hope I'm wrong but I have the feeling that hypocrite and liar Gerry 'I regret every death' Adams and his gang of murderers will soon be making unacceptable demands again. We all know what happened then.

    He will of course be encouraged by Sinn Fein/ IRA's previous successes in getting their own way. In case anyone's forgotten just how abjectly we rolled over then, a read of the last item in Hitchens' column in the Mail on Sunday yesterday gives an unpalatable reminder.…e-thing-stop-attacks.html

  • That was a good article by Hitchens, especially the bits about Chairman May and the mantra ridden response to all things politically correct.

    But - the issues of independence and nationalism are big ones and often blood-soaked. I think that wherever you have places that have become the extended arms of colonial powers, you will have this kind of conflict. And this kind of conflict is full of gung-ho revolutionaries who enjoy the power of killing for a cause. I don't believe they regret it, I think some of them change and grow older and wiser and others just continue to be dictatorial and sailing just this side of renewing the conflict that dragged on for so long and killed so many and left a stain that is hard to remove.

    You get this everywhere, not just NI. It is endemic in countries that have national disagreements. Bosnia, Afghanistan, Syria, etc.

    What is disillusioning is the inability of anyone to find a solution that doesn't cause one side to be humiliated and the other to get away with murder.

    Ireland could be one country if the people could make some decision to live together without one group having to be the conqueror of the other. This is played out similarly in the Israel/Palestine conflict.

    Who is going to be able to negotiate peace for these places without the necessity of acknowledging that subject multiculturalism cannot confront - the reality of nationalism and national identity, of ethnic identity and the drive to be independent in that context, whether in smaller ways within larger regions or in breakaway republics?

  • Just on the Daily Politics a few minutes ago, there was a suggestion that as SF want a united Ireland, it is in their interests to create as much chaos as possible around Brexit, so as to create a sense of urgency around the NI peace process and force through what they want. The government is supposedly going to ignore them and let things lay out and not call for another round of elections just yet.

    (LW: The Daily Politics is a tv show on BBC2 everyday at 12pm Monday to Friday. There is also a Sunday version too)

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  • But half of the people in NI don't won't a UI (united Ireland). How would a UI come about now unless force was used?

    SF are just taking advantage of the Brexit situation, the same as the SNP with Scotland, and causing issues where there are none.

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  • In case anyone's forgotten just how abjectly we rolled over then,

    The IRA ended up in government just at the time they knew they could never win by blowing people up. So they take the Queen's shilling and together with that "little" bank robbery, have a nice pension pot too.

    Things are working out rather well for them.

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  • Theresa May and Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar are to visit Belfast later for talks with the Stormont parties.

    It comes amid speculation the DUP and Sinn Féin are close to agreeing a deal to restore devolved government.

    Several previous rounds of talks between the two parties have failed to break the deadlock.

    Boy, this is a story that has rumbled on and on and on. The good thing to take away from all this though is the lack of violence. Even though NI has not had a government for 18 months, the IRA never came back and things have mainly been relatively stable.

    Perhaps May will wave her magic wand and all will be well again??

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  • Sinn Féin is to hold separate meetings with the prime minister and taoiseach (Irish prime minister) next week.

    Party leader Mary Lou McDonald said she will be calling on the two governments to convene the British-Irish Intergovernmental Conference to avoid a prolonged stalemate.

    May has had a busy week, before her trip to Germany, she went to Northern Ireland. I hope she had a stiff drink.

    If the DUP's main issue against the resumption of the assembly in NI is their opposition to a Irish language act and that is why the talks in NI collapsed last week. Shouldn't somebody point out to them that in the Republic of Ireland, only a very small percentage of the population actually speak Irish, so, what is the DUP's problem here?

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  • The government "does not have a viable plan" to deal with the political stalemate in Northern Ireland, Sinn Féin's president has said.

    Mary Lou McDonald feared "entrenchment and drift" in efforts to resurrect devolved institutions at Stormont which collapsed 13 months ago.

    PM Theresa May has held talks with Sinn Féin and the DUP at Westminster.

    It comes exactly a week after talks aimed at ending the deadlock at Stormont collapsed.

    It doesn't look like SF and the DUP will resume power sharing in the Northern Irish Assembly. What other choice is left for the government now other than direct rule from Westminster?

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