Rising through the ranks

  • ............The Times says the government has drawn up proposals for a new law which would allow civilians to apply for the 43 chief constable positions in England and Wales.

    The paper suggests the plans "will cause anger" in the police service because the idea of rising through the ranks is "deeply ingrained".

    The Times uses its editorial to argue that the existing arrangements can lead to habits of "risk-aversion, and a preference for the status quo" and concludes it is sensible to cast the net to include those in senior positions in other sectors.

    ( I can't link to The Times. This comes from the BBC 'The Papers' )


    This is one of those subjects which again, I am a bit ambivalent about. On the one hand it makes sense to have someone in charge who has the experience and knowledge of what the actual job involves, on the other hand those who are promoted to higher ranks may have the best results but they aren't always the best managers of men or money. One has only to see some of the disasters like the Rotherham child abuse scandal which have arisen because those supposed to be in charge didn't keep their fingers on the pulse.

    As with the idea that doctors should run hospitals, qualification for one job don't mean that anyone is qualified to decide the best procedures or to make decisions involving millions of pounds.

  • The child footie fiddlers is another case like the Rotherham one, seemingly for the same reasons.

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  • This is one of those subjects which again, I am a bit ambivalent about.

    I'm ambivalent about the police, full stop.

    I always used to have the utmost respect for the police until I came in contact with them over my neighbour issues. So, I'm not sure that anything but a complete root and branch reform of them will make any difference.

    On this specific news, two thoughts here:

    1. How can someone lead a police force without any prior experience?
    2. Will this lead to American style elected police chiefs? (with all the issues that come with it)

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