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  • I'm beginning to feel like it's Groundhog Day. For the last week we've had total overkill on the Islamic terrorist attack which wasn't, with the BBC and papers reporting virtually the same 'news ' they did the day before until they got to the stage of asking passers by what they thought of the flowers.

    For weeks we've had warnings, threats and fortune telling about what will happen before, during and after Brexit. Today on the early morning BBC t.v. news they actually ran a 'news' item which started with video of Cameron promising a referendum and described briefly what happened all the way through, including the result, up until today. As if we didn't know already. God knows why they bothered.

    While I like to keep up with current events I woke up this morning and realised I learned a long time ago that Brexit will be a total disaster or a total success, we are all going to be better or worse off once we are out, we will or won't get better trade deals, we will or won't be able to reduce immigration, we will or won't have to pay the EU £50 billion so we can leave. So all in all, I am not one jot wiser, I haven't changed my mind, I don't know anyone who has changed their minds, I can't change anything, no one expressing an opinion about it can change anything.

    Is it just me or is anyone else getting sick of hearing about the whole bloody thing? :(

  • You're going to have to find a bucket Morgan, stick it over your head and ensure you're wearing ear plugs too! :D

    Brexit is only just beginning.

    But on pretty much the same theme, what I hate is "pre" news which is what's happening on tv right now.

    Specifically before a government announcement, you get the news channels or the papers the day before reporting and speculating about the announcement. Pre news. They're not reporting the news, they're reporting the news of the news...Perhaps they've been tipped off, or are just guessing, but it drives me round the bend.

    Once upon a time, reporters would sit in parliament and when there was a major government announcement or something like a backbench rebellion, then the reporters would report that. Now it's all "reported" before it's even happened. I wish it would stop.

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  • Once it has happened you will get the other maddeningly annoying thing - a timeline of events. This can happen even if Johnny just gets a bucket stuck on his head or some overpaid sportsman has a run in with his angry wife over a lot of saucy goings on while she was home looking after the babies. You have to get the whole long sad sorry story in historical detail, as though a war had broken out or a volcano had erupted and swallowed an island.

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    Is standing in the clothes that you once wore

  • I read somewhere that the BBC adage for the news was - tell them what you are going to tell them, then tell them, then tell them what you've told them. Not so bad during a broadcast, but we don't need it every day for a week.

  • When the 24 hour news channels was when all this seemed to have started.

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