Apple to launch TV Streaming service

  • Apple has unveiled its new TV streaming platform, Apple TV+, at a star-studded event in California.

    Jennifer Aniston, Steven Spielberg and Oprah Winfrey were among those who took to the stage at Apple's headquarters to reveal their involvement in TV projects commissioned by the tech giant.

    The platform will include shows from existing services like Hulu and HBO.

    Apple has announced that it is too launch a streaming tv service in the Autumn called Apple TV+. It will be a global streaming service initially available in 100 countries including the UK. No prices were given for the service, but the service will be available on non-Apple devices too like Samsung smart tvs and the Amazon Fire tv stick.

    Apple are throwing a lot of dosh at creating their own original shows including one from the maker of Battlestar Galactica called For All Mankind and a series based on Isaac Asivov's famous scifi book series Foundation. From Steven Spielberg, Reese Witherspoon to Oprah Winfrey, Apple are attracting a lot of big name talent. A full list of Apple original shows is here.

    Apple are also launching a news subscription service featuring content from over 300 magazines called Apple News+ which will cost £7.50 per month and will launch in the UK later on in the year, but only on Apple devices.

    Apple is also launching a video game service too in the Autumn called Apple Arcade which will allow players to choose from over 100 exclusive games via the app store and play them offline.

    Will you subscribe when the tv service launches, or any of the other service? They're also launching a credit card too, to try and get you spending with them!

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