Israel and Palestine

  • As to the last point, the Muslims have Saudi Arabia with Mecca and Medina as their holy land and I guess for Christians, beyond the holy sites in Israel itself, I guess Rome would be considered the centre of Christianity.

    I should have defined what I meant by a homeland. It wouldn't have have included Rome inasmuch as Christians and Catholics are scattered throughout Europe and the US and none of them would view Rome or Italy as their homeland sanctuary if discrimination elsewhere got ugly.

    As for the Middle East, you're right, that Saudi Arabia has Mecca and Medina as a holy land but, again, it's not a homeland sanctuary for Islam. Muslims are scattered across the globe and it is only in recent years that they became reviled, accused of trying to replace non-Islam religious and lifestyle values - but even that doesn't caused them to run home to Saudi Arabia.

    Against all of that that I keep wondering why Jews insist on heightening their identity as Jews rather than just assimilate with mainstream live-and-let-live Christians and Catholics. Louise Berger, who joined the Liberals after complaining about antisemitism in the Labour party, recently objected to being referred to as a Jewish MP rather than just an MP. If that bugs her, why did she name her newborn son Zion? And then there is that MP who wears a skullcap in Parliament. The problem with promoting one's identity is that one gets identified that way! When that happens stop bitching about it.

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