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  • I know many site owners are totally anal when it comes to mentioning other people's sites, well, not me!

    Here is a brief list to start off with of recent and favourite sites I've visited and/or belong to:
    This is Mark's general discussion site and its great. I hope one day to get this site up to that standard!
    This is Mark's other site for owners of discussion boards. Very red!
    Originally started by Frank as ntlhell, and now run by PaulM, this is the place to go to find news and info about Virgin Media.
    The UK's number one forum and my main forum home for many years. This was originally a collection of separate media sites that merged together to form Digital Spy. For many years this was a private site until it was sold to Hearst, then it went downhill all the way and is now infested with Big Brother and celeb crap. But despite this, DS still contains the best and most active forums in the country.
    Ireland's number one forum site.
    Known as for short, this is Ireland's other main forum site and one of my favourite political boards on the net. Things get heated there, so be warned!
    This is the UK section of Skyscraper City. I actually dislike Skyscrapers as I worked in them for years, but this is a great board which deals with all aspects of architecture, transport, military topics and lots more besides. On the main site, you can watch the world's tallest buildings being built by all the member posted pictures or live web cams.
    American political board and one of my favourites on the net.
    UK Political Forum
    International political forum and it was the sister site to the above site.
    If you want to start a business, this is the place to go. Superb design.
    Who doesn't know about Martin Lewis' former site which he sold and made a fortune? THE site to go to for money saving tips and news.

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  • I know many site owners are totally anal when it comes to mentioning other people's sites, well, not me!

    Here is a brief list to start off with of recent and favourite sites I've visited and/or belong to:

    That's very brave and magnanimous of you. But I have to warn you that if any of them offer free wine to new members, I'm off unless you can match the offer. ;)

  • Mine would all be totally outside the political arena. Would they be of any interest on this thread? :D

    Go for it, it's not just my list. It doesn't have to be discussion sites either. I just listed some to start things off.

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  • Those who like 28days later may also like

    A word of warning about both those "urban explorer" sites - they have VERY strict rules, particularly pertaining to questions you may and may not ask, and they enforce these rigidly. They are also suspicious of n00bs. So have a good read before posting, if you plan to.


  • When I first came across sites like 28 days later I was amazed at the number of derelict sites. In some there were literally tons of scrap metal in either the construction of the building or the machinery etc. left behind. In these days of recycling I would have thought there could be a fortune to be made.

  • Here's a site Heero will likely know about, but if not, here goes:

    Probably will never see him again now, if it is new to him!

    Funnily enough I didn't know about this one. I tend to concentrate on the Gundam franchise and fandom sites though recently I've seen Cowboy Bebop and the classic Ghost in the Shell (original animé).

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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  • As some of you may or not know I was a member of Digital Spy until I was banned, what for I actually don't know, several people on there seemed to take offence at the fact I didn't know who someone was, as I had never heard of them, not even sure if that was the reason for the ban as I was never told even after I emailed the site admin to enquire why I was banned.

    I was also a member of the moneysaving expert site until I got banned from there too but that seems to be a site that interprets and applies it rules in a very inconsistent way with some people getting banned and others not.

    I do tend to view politics and politicians in a very cynical way and I guess that can rub some people up the wrong way, my sense of humour also has the same effect on some people too.

    I very much like this forum and it's mix of subjects, something for everyone.

    Young boys in the park jumpers for goalpost that's what footballs all about isn't it.

  • Well, let me just say from the off, I love this site! Thanks for letting me join. I am now banned from Digital Spy for having the audacity to ask for context before I decided whether Andrew Bridgend was a homophobe or not. By asking for context I was "ignoring the link and condoning homophobic behaviour" and they banned me claiming they have an ethical, and moral right to decide who they want on their forums. So, I used to use Digital Spy.

    I am also a member of

    However, I have created my own forum service and it would be great if you guys would consider joining it. I believe in having a variety of discussion platforms as it can create a more varied debate. Don't worry, I think these forums are superb, and I will visit and post regularly because there is a growing number of posters adding to the conversations, and these forums are clearly intended for grown ups and not idiots! But if you would like info and consider joining the forums that myself and other DS posters created, the link is here:

    I am also a member of TV Forum too.

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  • Looks like I'm in the right place then :) (previously being banned, I mean)

    When I came to Argentina in 2005 I joined an expats forum and was very active in it for a few years until I was banned for questioning the forum rules. In fact, that was a ban for all eternity and beyond, so me and some mates set up a rival forum until that imploded with bitching and power struggles.

    I then snuck back into the original expat forum with a different user name and IP, remained for a few years and got banned again for guess what? Questioning the forum rules again.

    So I the joined a great UK general purpose forum (now defunct), mainly of fellow gamers that never banned anyone because there weren't any rules to speak of and in 2013 set up a rival expat forum using SMF software (now redirected to my current forum) and we ended up with around 90 members.

    In December we suffered the final hosting service crash and I'd had enough, so I set up a new .org domain with Godaddy, bought the software from WoltLab and created where we now have around 40 members, mainly expats, but that's not a strict requirement at all. In fact, many are not expats at all and just visit the country from time to time or are mates from the defunct UK forum.

    My aim is to rival the original expats forum, but with over 12,000 members, that's an uphill task. Mind you, only about 20 are active members there.

    I've only ever banned one person and that was in my original forum, where said member's only mission was trolling ad nauseum and personal attacks. Forums need to be managed, but objectively and not authoritarian. It should be fun too, which is the most important aspect and sometimes gets forgotten.

    I don't do political correctness either.

  • You say the other forum has 20k members, how many ex-pats are living in Argentina? If it's like 40k, then there's "market" growth still there, otherwise its just grabbing the other forum's members.

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  • Expats come and go over the years so that 12k membership is a little dubious. IE, only a small percentage are active. There are thousands of foreigners like me living here, but not everyone stays as it's a difficult country to survive in.

    The key is working on the SEO to keep the forum high up in Google's rankings. Hopefully I can piggy-back off my old forum in that respect since I put a redirect on it.

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