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  • If anyone's interested in Indian cookery I can recommend a book by Dharamjit Singh. I lent my book out and, typically. never got it back but it's a book of traditional Indian cookery, not the Anglicised food to be found in most Indian restaurants. For example I recollect it explained the real purpose of Vindaloo by telling you it isn't a red hot potato dish (aloo is Indian for potato) but derives its name from a different source and is a means of preserving high fat content meat using vinegar with herbs and spices.

    My favourite recipe was Murghi Masala, almost addictive.

    I've just checked, you can buy the book on Amazon.

  • Hi , I can certainly recommend " The Complete Asian Cookbook " by Charmain Solomon. It contains recipes from 15 Asian countries. ISBN 1-86302-078-0. Been using this book for a number of years now.

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    Seeing as we can't really go out for a meal to celebrate my birthday I've defrosted a Gressingham "Crispy aromatic half duck"* (oven cook) I've also got Chinese pancakes, Hoisin sauce, spring onions and will do cucumber batons for an authentic Chinese.

    *Ingredient list sounds good: Duck (85%), soy sauce, demerara sugar, rice wine and five spice.

    I've also got some Sainsbury's taste the difference salted caramel ice cream for desert and a good bottle of wine.

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    Not really "cooking" but 1/4lb "skinny" beef burgers initially oven cooked but finished on the cast iron griddle to get that char-grilled effect in toasted brioche rolls with lite mayo, iceberg and Red's BBQ sauce. Home made coleslaw and oven chips.

  • 2 minute Chocolate sponge and Chocolate custard. No measurements required. Get a large mug or small bowl, add some butter, sugar and cocoa and mix, add an egg and mix, add some self raising flour and mix to the consistency of not runny but not so thick that it wont pour or scoop out easily. Lightly butter inside of small bowl and add mix and microwave for about 2 minutes. Use a butter or palette knife and make sure it's not stuck to the edge of bowl and place bowl upside down on plate and remove sponge. Done. Make custard the traditional way on hob.

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    Defrosting a couple of my home-made steak-in-ale pies (see post #3) and some puff pastry to top them. Last of the current batch so it'll soon be time to make some more.

    Got a couple of 400g lean diced beef packs in the freezer, bought when reduced, for making the pies.

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    Cooking something I've not ever had but everybody says it's good: Beef Rendang curry. Cheated a bit using a ready made spice paste.

    Browned off the beef in a pan and fried the spice paste. Added back the beef and then a 400ml tin of lo-calorie coconut milk. This will slow cook for about 3 hours. Then adding a diced red pepper for another half hour or so to help reduce the sauce down a bit and finally soy and fish sauce to taste.

    Will serve with fluffy long grain rice and some peanuts.

  • It was really nice. I had doubts about the coconut milk but in the end you couldn't really taste it in the final dish.

    I love coconut flavoured curries such as Thai red and green curries, to be honest I'm not really a fan of the Indian style curries to me they all seem the same only varying in how spicy of mild they are depending on what you choose.

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