Recent changes on the VM Network

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  • The only notable change on the scan from last night was TSID 10 SID 1007 Kids TV On Demand morphing into a pop-up channel "Ben 10 Takeover" on EPG slot 700.

    The Sky rebrands mentioned on the Sky Forum for Sunday 21st haven't been carried out on VM.

  • As expected, the Prime Video EPG slate TSID 21 SID 2105 was added to the customer facing regions in the NIT table overnight (EPG Slot 228).

    Other changes:

    The Sky Netball rebrands ended, reverting to Sky Sports Mix (The Sky customer forums are out of sync with these changes).

  • Several changes overnight.

    TSID 10 SID 1007 - Pop up channel Ben 10 Takeover reverts to Kids TV On Demand

    TSID 11 SID 1110 - rebranded Sky Sports The Open reverts to Sky Sports Golf

    TSID 23 SID 2307 - rebranded Sky Sports The OpenHD reverts to Sky Sports Golf HD

    (The Sky Community Forum is now back in sync with the rebrand dates.)

    Major changes on TSID 42 with all existing services being cleared out and transferred to TSID 1:

    TSID 42 SID 4201 A Message For Parents (PIN warning slate) moving to TSID 1 SID 103

    TSID 42 SID 4202 A Message For Parents (PIN warning slate) moving to TSID 1 SID 104

    TSID 42 SID 10069 - DL1_TiVo_10069 moving to TSID 1 SID 10069 - renamed as DL_Cisco_TiVoPF_10069

    TSID 42 SID 10070 - DL1_TiVo_10070 moving to TSID 1 SID 10070 - renamed as DL_Cisco_TiVoPF_10070

    TSID 42 SID 10071 - DL1_TiVo_10071 moving to TSID 1 SID 10071 - renamed as DL_Sam_TiVoPF_10071

    TSID 42 SID 10072 - DL1_TiVo_10072 moving to TSID 1 SID 10072 - renamed as DL_Cisco_TiVoPF_10072

    TSID 42 SID 10073 - DL1_TiVo_10073 moving to TSID 1 SID 10073 - renamed as DL_Sam_TiVoPF_10073

    TSID 42 SID 10074 - DL1_TiVo_10074 moving to TSID 1 SID 10074 - renamed as DL_Sam_TiVoPF_10074

    TSID 42 SID 10075 - DL1_TiVo_10075 moving to TSID 1 SID 10075 - renamed as DL_Sam_TiVoPF_10075

    TSID 42 SID 10076 - DL1_TiVo_10076 moving to TSID 1 SID 10076 - renamed as DL_Sam_TiVoPF_10076

    SID 0 - "Hidden 42" has appeared on TSID 42 - an indication that the transport stream has been taken out of use.

    This is in line with the prediction for the clearance of TSID 42 mentioned earlier in the thread. The TiVo download services had been duplicated in the background on TSID 1 for a short period.

    Frequency changes - Norwich regional network.

    Part of an ongoing change on the ex Cable & Wireless networks, as discussed previously.

  • Several frequency changes were made on the Peterborough regional network overnight.

    There were also changes to the NIT root. Changes to "linkage" records, consolidating the transfer of download services from TSID 42 to TSID 1 and changes to Peterborough records linked to the frequency changes.

  • The overnight scan shows a frequency change on the Poole network (ex-C&W).

    The ex-C&W networks still awaiting the frequency change to relocate the former STB DOCSIS channel into the cleared frequency cluster are: Ashford, Southampton, Stoke, Watford & Wearside.

    Poole still has remnants of the former TSIDs 38 to 41 in the NIT and VM didn't take the opportunity to remove these with this update.

    The scan also reveals VM's plans for TSID 9, recently cleared of temporary pop-up services with the removal of the BBC summer red button services. Also revealing what VM will do with the red button sports services as TSID 45 is taken out of use:

    The red button sports "SptsETV" services currently carried on TSID 45 have been duplicated on TSID 9 (still operating in MPEG-2). No changes, at the moment, to the SDT, so the duplicate services are unnamed.

    A new service has appeared on TSID 18, which is considered to be the dumping ground for SD channels about to be removed as services go HD only. The new service carries a "HEADS UP!" slate (not yet added to the NIT/SDT):

    SDT & NIT changes will follow.

    So... now we have confirmation of what is about to happen.

  • The overnight scan showed linkage changes in the NIT root (data for set top box use) and changes to sport+ flags in the EPG section of the SDT. For those looking for update patterns, pretty much the same as last Saturday.

  • Is there no extra HD fee for the film channels? I've not had Sky's premium channels for ages, so I don't know how they do things now.

    Thanks for all the updates.:thumbup:

    Just a £7 fee for Sky Sport HD and a hidden HD fee for the Comcast basic HD channels (hidden by making them exclusive to Full House / XL / Maxim or whatever they are calling it these days).

    Sky Cinema subscription pack codes are still split into 3 sub groups with separate codes for SD & HD, so there may be some legacy products around. However, it is only marketed as a single Sky Cinema add-on or within various bundles and that has been the case for quite some time.

  • The overnight scan showed a frequency change on the Wearside regional network (ex-C&W).

    (The ex-C&W networks still awaiting the frequency change to relocate the former STB DOCSIS channel into the cleared frequency cluster are: Ashford, Southampton, Stoke & Watford).

    Other changes were additional "Channel Update" slate placeholders and some "Channel Moved" placeholders renamed "Channel Update". Presumably housekeeping changes in preparation for the Sky Cinema SD channel closures etc.

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