Hong Kong protesters demonstrate against extradition bill

  • The idea in the minds of Hong Kong protesters that they can change the fundamental political philosophy of its parent government is childishly naive, least of all by the way they are now going about it..

    The protesters should have quit while they were ahead. China already knows it can't make progress much beyond where it is today if it sticks to its uncompromising Marxist system of government. A gentler but more persuasive form of protest would be emigration among the Hong Kong educated young and capital flight among the Hong Kong wealthy, leading to a corresponding decline in inward investment and trade (and Singapore, South Korea and Japan rubbing their hands in gleeful anticipation). . Ultimately it will be witnessing that trend gathering momentum that will give Beijing pause for thought. Whereas what the Hong Kong protesters are persisting in will either land them in prison, hospital or under the ground, and the world will be awash in crocodile tears for about a week.

  • What's not childishly naive is wanting to choose your own leaders, but I agree, the way they are going about it is wrong,. Instead of peaceful protesters, they should arm themselves if they want a change of government, as no other course of action will knock the communist regime off its perch.

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  • Just caught on the news channel that the protesters have moved across the bridge into Kowloon which is still in Hong Kong, but on the Chinese mainland. They're brave.

    The 70th anniversary of the Chinese communist party coming into power is in October, so I wonder how much longer the Chinese government will let this go on. They will not want their big party ruined.

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