Sweden will 'never go back' to the days of mass immigration

  • Sweden will 'never go back' to the days of mass immigration

    The Prime Minister of Sweden has vowed his country will 'never go back' to recent levels of mass immigration after it emerged the terrorist who killed four people in a truck attack was a failed asylum seeker.

    Stefan Löfven pledged to change his country's liberal attitude, insisting the massive influx allowed during the 2015 migrant crisis would never happen again.
    Rakhmat Akilov, from Uzbekistan, hijacked the lorry and deliberately drove into pedestrians on central Stockholm's main shopping street on Friday afternoon.

    It was a copycat of the attack carried out in London last month, when Khalid Masood killed four pedestrians and injured dozens more with a Hyundai 4x4. Swedish police said there were clear similarities.


    Drop The Target: Senior Conservative MPs demand five-year immigration ban
    Pro-Brexit politicians tell PM their hardline plan 'will deliver on the will of the electorate'
    Senior Conservative MPs are demanding Theresa May impose a five-year ban on unskilled immigrant visas, arguing the focus should be on young, unemployed UK citizens.


    Lessons are being learned all over Europe.

  • Lessons are being learned all over Europe.

    Lets say it for what it is and this terrorism is really nothing to do with it. Only a small minority of Muslims think like that, let alone do it.

    But what the terrorist attacks have shown, and I worked about a mile away when the IRA let off the Bishopsgate Bomb in the City, is that if you have a alien element within your country, at some point it will hit you in the face.

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  • It's very important to hit it back.

    True. But I don't think you can beat terrorism by reactive action alone. The war has to be taken to the enemy and pre-emptive action by rounding up suspects etc. is the only way to go. It may be a breach of their human rights etc. but I don't think there is any other way to do it. If Adams and McGuinness and other known IRA leaders had been taken out in 1969 we might have saved countless lives and 30 years of IRA terrorism.

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