Free Rent in return for "Favours." What do you think?

  • Young, vulnerable people are being targeted with online classified adverts offering accommodation in exchange for sex, a BBC investigation has found.

    At first reading of this, I thought it's a voluntary arrangement, they know what they're getting themselves in for, so what's the problem? But, I come from a stable family, never been homeless, easy for me to judge. The more I think about it, the more I don't like it.

    Could the young, perhaps those with mental issues/disabilities end up being exploited and in effect become sex slaves to these landlords?

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  • Before we get too far into discussing this, could I just point out that although I don't actually need accommodation, if any beautiful young lady property owners have a flat or house to let, I am quite willing to take it even if they do demand sexual favours instead of rent. ;)

  • Seriously though, anyone thinking of doing this - don't. If you pick up a psycho, and this could be from either tenant or landlord side of the bargain, you may end up needing a sniffer dog to find you.

    It's a recipe for disaster and a chance of a lifetime for loonies to lure victims into their nets.

    Important in a world full of scheming nutjobs, not to get yourself into a situation you may later regret and could possibly be unable to escape from. It is also fraught with the perils of video footage that can be used to blackmail you. In short, anyone thinking of doing this - don't.

  • .... exactly, my thinking too.

    If someone is homeless, there are things they can do to get assistance rather than going down this road.

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