President of French private equity giant Ardian backs London

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  • The president and founder of private equity giant Ardian has backed London to retain its financial services dominance after Brexit.

    Dominique Senequier, whose firm has around $60bn in assets, also said on Wednesday night she does not expect the exiting process to be “brutal” for the City of London.

    “When you have such a financial city, you have strong financial people, CEOs, entrepreneurs... they will manage the situation,” she told City A.M.

    “I think over time the issues which are raised now – passporting, everything – will be sorted in a smooth way. I don't see it as brutal.”

    Speaking to City A.M. after a Cass Business School event, she added: “And even if it is, the negotiation was not finalised, then there will be bilateral agreements. There will be agreements. Because it will he also in the interest of the financial businesses in Europe, continental Europe, to be active in the UK. Because London is the main city [in Europe for finance].”…giant-ardian-backs-london

    Another Remain forecast of doom and gloom bites the dust. ;)

  • True, but article 50 hasn't been triggered yet.

    The pound is very low and once the trigger happens, may crash again.

    Inflation is rising making food prices, fuel etc a lot more expensive, but incomes aren't.

    I always thought that once Brexit happens, it will be painful in the short term, but long term it should be okay.

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