Should Sundays become special again and should shops close on Sundays?

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  • Yesterday it was Easter Sunday and I was out for most of the day, the first Easter I have been out in a very, very long time...

    Now, as is quite often the case with me, what I intend to do and what I actually get round to doing are not always the one and the same thing!:rolleyes: I intended to go to B&Q and Tescos and look for some bedding plants as the first part of my day. So, while driving (I don't drive, it was a family member) I noticed how unusually empty the roads were. How curious, I thought, had all the local scumbags in my area succumbed to some terrible disease? What a shame that would be...?:p You usually have to fight for space on any road in London, but yesterday was a bit like driving around a small village, blissful and peaceful.

    Faster than usual, due to the empty roads, I turned up at at B&Q only to find the car park empty, very empty, in fact our car was the only one there! Had there been a serious incident? Possibly a toxic spill of some-kind that had brought about this very unusual occurrence, I asked myself. Very, very odd. At this point I still hadn't worked it out.... I am really not that quick off the bat...;) Next, off I went to the grand mecca of shopping, Tescos. Hurrah. :rolleyes:

    (Oh, as a side-note, my local town had a beautiful 1930's built art deco cinema, that in more recent decades was a Mecca bingo hall. The bingo hall was sold to Aldi who said that the frontage of the structure would be kept. Well, clearly not, there is now a massive hole! :mad:. That building was about the last cultural thing left it my area and we're pretty much London proper now. We've never considered ourselves Londoner's in my area, as "London" is about 15 miles away, but the reality is, we are part of London and that has been the case since the 1970s as London expanded to gobble up over what was once 300+ separate towns.) I digress....

    So, I arrived at Tescos prepared for war, I hate crowds! (I was thinking should I just mow down a few horrible toddlers today with my trolley who are running around or just mow down the standard dozen, a nice even figure. :p) As we turned into Tescos car park it was the same as B&Q, it was empty. Sod it, how dare they prevent me from getting my bedding plants and frozen pizza, I thought. Bloody nuisance. Then I finally realised why everywhere was so quiet, it was of course a Bank Holiday and the shops were closed.

    The rest of the day was rather pleasant, out and about on pretty much empty roads. Clearly, if there are not shops open, people don't go out any more, at least not in my area. Suits me! :D

    My family commented on what a pleasant change it was to the usual Sundays, which are just like any other day normally. Generally you need a meat cleaver and perhaps a pickaxe or two, if you want to get through the crowds, but not today.

    Sundays used to be special. They were a time for families to actually see each other, even perhaps mutter a word or two to each other and even do abnormal things, by today's standards, like eat dinner around the table with each other. For those of a religious persuasion, churches used to do good business too. The local churches were packed out on Easter Sunday in my area, usually they're empty. The church that most people go to these days are what used to be called shopping centres, but now are called the awful American term, shopping malls. Sundays were always quiet and I loved them when I was younger, not any more.

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    Which leads me, finally, to the questions:

    Should Sundays become special again? Should all the shops be closed on Sundays as they used to be? Please vote in the poll too.

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