Fox News Sacks O'Reilly amid assault claims

    • Bill O'Reilly will not be returning to Fox News Channel amid allegations of sexual harrassment.

    Fox News presenter and uber right gobshite mouthpiece, Bill O'Reilly has been sacked by the Murdoch's amid continued allegations of assault he has carried out on employees. The allegations are nothing new and have previously been settled behind the scenes in multi-million pound deals to shut up the accusers, but not this time.

    Are the Murdoch's seeing the light, especially in the wake of the hacking scandal of the News of the World (which they owned) and doing the right thing, or is there another reason?

    he Murdoch's are waiting for clearance from Ofcom for the full takeover of Sky by the Murdoch owned 21st Centrury Fox, could this be the real reason why "wild" Bill has been let loose?

    Some of O'Reilly's "golden" moments:

  • ... :D

    When I used to subscribe to Sky (Fox News is not on cable/Virgin Media here or available anywhere else) I did used to watch his show live at UK time. It was interesting to get the "feel" of the bible thumping, very right wing view of things going in America.

  • US television network Fox News has announced it and a host accused of sending lewd messages to female co-workers have decided to "part ways amicably".

    BBC article


    There won't be anyone at Fox News at this rate, perhaps it's good that Sky are dropping the channel in this country.

    A bit like the phone hacking scandal, could this be symptomatic of who owns this company? The rot starts at the top, and all that...

  • Why don't they just go into a shower with a porno mag or something? What's wrong with them?

    This has been going on for years at Fox News.

    When I started work (I was very "innocent" about all sorts of things...) I did a lot of work for a senior partner in the M&A department. When I used to go into his office, there was always s strange smell in his room. Later on, after several months, his secretary told me what it was.:thumbdown: She had to put up with that behaviour every day and he insisted on touching her after doing it.8|

  • It's why I'm not a big fan of our species. The individuals who are not like this are few and far between and for me make up a kind of stratum that can evolve beyond the primate origins. This small group, in every ethnicity or race, is the fragile thread that drags the rest forward. If too many of the advanced ones are killed by the mob then the mob merely regresses to the brutality of the survival circuit.

    We really aren't as wonderful as some people seem to think we are. Not even at the corporate, high earning, shampooed, fancy car driving, champagne sipping level. It takes far more than that to be civilized in a way that catapults the individual out of the bog.

  • He had two PhDs and if I told you his surname, you'd probably recognise who his famous brother was.

    No different to the Fox News issue, he got away with the behaviour because he made millions. The secretary always had air freshener and a bag of wet wipes in her drawer, so she could clean her hands and face after he touched her.

    He was also married with three girls...

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