Plane lunacy?

  • Normally aircraft take off into the prevailing wind or with very little crosswind. In anything other than a light breeze I think this is a disaster in waiting.

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  • I don't see how this can work. Aircraft, at least with current technology, need a long straight runway. It's not a F1 race course. Totally bizarre.

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  • I do love a site where the search function actually works!:)

    An update to this story:

    The Dutch engineer behind the idea for circular runways at airports has revealed plans to build a test runway for unmanned delivery drones.

    Henk Hesselink is collaborating with Valkenburg airport, a disused naval base near The Hague, which has ambitions to become a drone innovation centre.

    What has gone from a completely nutty story, as Morgan put it last year, to something which actually is now a good idea, except it's not passenger planes that may use the circular runaways, but delivery drones.

    Space is short and with Amazon very keen to using flying drones for delivery, I can actually see in ten years times loads of little circular airports all over the place.

    What do you think, will the idea fly this time? (pardon the pun:))

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