UKIP will campaign to ban the burqa, sharia courts and Islamic Schools

  • I agree about Sharia law. That has no place in a British democracy, or any other democracy.

    I don't agree about private schools. The problem with Islamic schools is the extremist factor.

    It's a very hard one to call, this banning of cultural ways and ethnic beliefs, religious jewellery, etc. If you end up with a rainbow nation, you have to make allowances for the diversity that is extant and that has been imported.

  • I think the burqa is a tough one. It's an item of clothing, and just because I don't like it, does not mean that it should be prescribed by law.

    As for their extremist schools, I agree. But we have other groups who also have extreme schools and UKIP makes no mention of them.

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  • I think the religious aspect of the recent migrations is a problem that needs to be thrashed out and debated. It's no use people just saying some folk are "bigots" because they see this as a danger and a possible future threat. I have been quizzed on this by eager trolls and I have found that you can't really be diplomatic about it without stating that you think this particular religion is going to cause trouble in Christian countries as well as secular countries, to say nothing of the conflict it has caused in nations where Buddhism and Hinduism prevail and where secularism is becoming the dominant ideology. Add to this the sectarian warfare within Islamic countries and between them.

    It is quite bizarre to me to think that a country like Britain, or any of the other "developed" nations who have foolishly allowed this whole thing to escalate into terrorism and urban strife, has allowed the situation to simply fester away for years whilst aiming barbs at critics of the system and oppressing dissent by means of often draconian legislation against free speech.

  • I'm against banning items of clothing. Ban all religious schools though, that's a great idea.


  • I'm against the widespread banning of the burqa but organisations should have right to include it alongside crash helmets etc. when they consider it a security risk, perhaps they already do...

    I'm also in favour of banning all religious schools, not just Islamic ones.

  • When I create my Super Topic on race/religion/immigration, this will be a subject of that, aka religious clothing and religious schools. If you've ever been to East London (around Whitechapel) or North London (Golders Green) you may guess where I'll be heading...! Or perhaps you may not, in fact come to think of it, unless you've been to these areas, you probably haven't got a clue. I shall enlighten...

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  • I went to a religious school (Catholic convent) and government schools. My time at the convent was the best school time of my life. The religion was there but it didn't interfere with the schooling. I think if it had been a raving protestant school things would have been different as Protestants are much different from Catholics. I was of the non-Catholic student minority and still the convent outstripped the government school for compassion, a feeling of worthiness and the instillation of ideals and goals that did not even make an appearance at the state school.

    But then, Catholic schools are not madrassas by a long chalk. You really need a Muslim opinion on this. Their religion is vastly different from Christianity, no matter what the establishment tries to tell anyone. It's very difficult, when you have a large and rapidly increasing Islamic population, to say that you are going to prevent them from promoting and nurturing their culture and beliefs in your democracy and if you suggest that the scenario could lead to a serious threat to the integrity of your extant civilization, thou shalt be trolled to death, as I and many others have been.

    There are solutions to this impasse and the most significant, and workable, one is to make sure that Islamic nations are viable and stable so that their people are not forced out into the crafty and open arms of your politicians. For that you need a whole new set of politicians with a good understanding of what the integrity of a system means and how it can be undermined - and by whom.

  • Nuttall by name and nuts by nature. Why is this fool rehashing BNP policies when there is so much more at stake at the moment? People aren't concerned about burqas etc. just now. There are far more important issues to be dealt with, Brexit, the NHS, schools, mass immigration, the rights of EU citizens here and British citizens there, the housing crisis. Why isn't he concentrating on the big issues?

    He might as well have written UKIP's suicide note as come out with this sort of nonsense at this time.

  • Agree, Morgan, and this is what killed the BNP in its tracks as well. They became positively inbred with the obsession to create a Utopia instead of take civic nationalism to Parliament as a viable opposition to cultural Marxism and far-left Stalinist socialism.

    As they were a fringe party and a genuine movement for the British people I did expect them to be more canny than they turned out to be. This tends to have happened to all the other fringe groups too. Too centred on main policies that don't apply to a healthy civic nationalism and the liberals went the same way, all gaping at the seams and seeping dewy tears. They just committed hara kiri and there seemed to be no stopping them.

    They fell on their own swords and it seems that elements in Ukip are going to do the same.

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