EU tightens Brexit demands on residence, banks - document

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  • European Union leaders will insist Britain grant permanent residence to EU citizens who arrive before Brexit in 2019 and stay five more years, according to a draft negotiating plan they will endorse this weekend.

    In the latest sign of the bloc cranking up pressure on Prime Minister Theresa May to guarantee full rights after Britain's departure for the 3 million EU nationals living there, new draft guidelines include wording that diplomats said aims to head off any British move to cut immigrant numbers by forcing people out.…-residence-144833978.html

    Personally I would not accept that demand. My view is that 10s of thousands of EU citizens could head for these shores before 2019 so if any date is to be set it should be that only those here on the date of the referendum should be automatically given this right. ( Subject to good conduct of course.)

    The number already applying is causing problems.

    EU nationals told not to apply to stay permanently in UK – as Home Office is 'overwhelmed'…l-democrats-a7701211.html

  • Everyone in the EU should know by now that Britain is leaving the EU. So, they should not have any automatic rights for those who come here now. Otherwise, what's the point of Brexit if we cannot say and control who comes and who goes?

    The cut off date should've been the result of the referendum last year. Anyone coming here after that date, should never get automatic rights to anything, let alone the right to stay here prematurely.

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