Dominic Cummings: A revolution coming to Whitehall?

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  • Cough. "Sexed up" dodgy dossier. Cough.

    Edit: What Armitage said.

    That dossier was prepared by the security services

    Are you suggesting that they are biased?. I know Harold Wilson and Labour believed they were out to nail him

    In an event that was in the 90s, nearly thirty years ago and despite the Tories desperately trying to pin this on TB he still won three elections on the trot with substantial majorities

    An after thought. TB, GB, and Mandelson put to the electorate their manifesto, and won. Campbell's job was to sell those policies to the electorate which he did very well

    The difference between him and Cummings is that he promoted the governments policies whereas Cummings, and unelected official is pushing his own policies

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  • Why on earth would you think that?

    Cummings (and Gove) helped Boris win the referendum, then the election. They work today because they believe in the same things.

    Indeed, and a Tory grandee commented on the TV they are good campaigners but governing is different