What was the last video you watched on Youtube?

  • I watch more things on Youtube than on TV these days, what that says about the quality of TV is a matter for another topic....;)

    So, what did you last watch on Youtube (or other video sharing site) and please post it here so we can all watch?


    I am interested in UFOs and one of the best sites on youtube at the moment for UFOs is secureteam10 and I go there every day.

    This is what I last watched on Youtube today:

    Please visit the dedicated UFO thread for all things UFO, alien, conspiracy theory related.

  • We watched this again last night, not for those who don't like heights:

    El Camino Del Rey, now sadly sanitised with a new walk-way.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


  • I saw a load of ducklings in a park a couple of months ago. Little golden fur balls.

    If I ever saw a situation like that, I would be tempted to help the ducklings, which of course would be wrong as they need to learn. But if one or two did get stranded, I would intervene.

    I liked how the mother waited for all of them.:)

    (PS: All the UFO stuff moved to the UFO thread.)

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