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  • The Matrix fans are delighted this morning as it's revealed the sci-fi franchise will get a fourth instalment with Keanu Reeves returning as Neo.

    Lana Wachowski, who penned the trilogy with sister Lilly, wrote the script for the new flick alongside Aleksandar Hemon and David Mitchell.

    Carrie-Ann Moss is also returning as Trinity, however, there is no news on whether or not Laurence Fishburne will return as rebel leader and Neo's mentor Morpheus.

    Variety reports Warner Bros could be writing in a younger version of the character, but there are no plot details as of yet.

    Lana said she is delighted to be working with the original cast members again, saying in a statement: "Many of the ideas Lilly and I explored 20 years ago about our reality are even more relevant now. I’m very happy to have these characters back in my life and grateful for another chance to work with my brilliant friends."

    I do hope they can get Laurence Fishburne as well as the others. Be interesting where they take the story.

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