Will a UK/US trade deal get done?

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  • Maybe a US trade deal can help redress the imbalance while providing advantages to both sides.

    Meanwhile, the first real signs of progress in getting the trade deals that bring more to benefit us than happened while we were in the EU. The BBC is reporting today that new trade and investment deals agreed with India worth £1bn will create 6,000 jobs in the UK. This is ahead of an UK-India Free Trade Agreement that the government expects to be able to negotiate in the coming months.

    India has tremendous potential and our relationship with that country are becoming much closer after a tetchy relationship following independence.

    This just just the tip of the iceberg, and having achieved continuity deals with most countries where EU deals existed previously, the game-changing deals are now in sharp focus.

    A new deal with Australia shouldn’t be too far away either.

    If, as the government expects, we achieve membership of the alliance of Asian countries (ASEAN) which we formally applied to join on 1 February 2021, this will also help to boost existing trading levels significantly.

    The show is just beginning.

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