Nato asks us to send more troops to Afghanistan. Should we?

  • Nato has asked Britain to consider sending more troops to Afghanistan, the BBC understands.

    Currently there are about 500 British troops in the country, providing security in Kabul and training at the Afghan Officer Academy.
    It's been a long time since 9/11, should we be really be getting more involved Afghanistan again by sending more troops there?

    Our armed forces have suffered so many cuts, should we really be getting more involved over there again when we don't have the capacity to do so? Or, is it more important that ISIS don't get too much of a foothold there and it's something for own security that we take on a greater role in that country again?

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  • Germany and France are in NATO - have they been asked to contribute more troops or is it just us? And every other country apart from Greece pays less than we do. We are not the world's saviour and it's up to other countries to do their fair share. It's a pity Juncker and Merkel and the rest who are so keen to tell us our responsibilities don't contribute their fair share to meet their own.

    Tell NATO 'NO GO' until they cough up their fair share.…-breakdown-country-2017-2

  • Although it's not for this topic, but do we really want Germany to spread its troops all over the place....?

    It's bizarre that many in the EU want a euro army, but don't ever seem willing to risk their troops in dangerous places around the world.

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  • The UK is to send 440 more troops to serve in non-combat roles in Afghanistan, the prime minister will announce at the Brussels Nato summit.

    The commitment to Nato's mission in Afghanistan will take the total number of UK troops in the country to 1,090.

    Around half of the troops will deploy from the Welsh Guards in August and the remainder will follow by February 2019.

    Looks like we won't be getting out of Afghanistan anytime soon.

    I believed in the war in Afghanistan and as a interventionist, I don't think we should've removed our troops from that country to begin with, especially considering our jolly into Iraq.

    Is just over 1000 troops enough to do the job in Afghanistan? What is the job now?

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