Music channels rebrands and closures

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  • It's all change at the top of the Box Plus Network, as Channel 4 moves forward with full integration of the music channel business.

    The Box Plus Network comprises of 4Music, The Box, Box Upfront, Box Hits, Kiss, Magic and Kerrang. Already, Channel 4 has made changes on the back of the takeover, moving 4Music to a new slot in a Freeview reshuffle that promoted E4: Freeview channel shuffle rules allowed Channel 4 to do this under common ownership rules.

    Trace Music is set to re-brand three of its recently acquired UK television channels this November.

    The move comes a year after the music channel business took over Chart Show TV, Chart Show Hits, The Vault and Starz TV from Sony Pictures Television.

    Looks like we're into channels rebrand season after the Discovery/UKTV changes, Sony and Sky rebrands. The Vault and Starz get rebranded, but its not clear what happens to the other channels at the moment.

    All four of the ex-Sony music channels are available on Sky, but I don't think they've ever been available on cable. The newly acquired Ch4 Music channels are on both main pay tv platforms.

    With constant adverts and little music, is there any point of these channels now? Does anyone watch them?

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  • If they were distinctive, there's a point. Vintage TV was good at launch but got too modern and also started with live session music. Nothing wrong with those things, in themselves, but would have been better as a second channel, as the older music disappeared, and that was the most distinctive part of the original concept.

    I liked the other music Vintage started playing, don't get me wrong, I just didn't want it to replace the original eras catered for.

  • I agree, they're all too much of a sameness now.

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