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  • The BBC's Question Time programme is currently the only tv show that allows invited members of the public to join a audience and question a panel of politicians and others on political subjects each week.

    This thread is to discuss all the topics discussed in each show, the panel and the audience members asking the questions.

  • Question Time: Thursday 11th May 2017 - Edinburgh


    Ben Wallace - Conservative
    Emily Thornberry - Labour
    Joanna Cherry - SNP
    David Hayman - actor
    Merryn Somerset Webb - Moneyweek editor

    1st question: Is the Labour manifesto dragging Britain back to the 70s.

    Mrs "anti white-van-man" (Emily Thornberry) defending the leftist manifesto.
    The actor saying what a good idea the manifesto is and everything should be nationalised. An audience member disagreeing with him. Another audience member disagreeing with that audience member.
    Webb is lively....she'll go down well with the Scots...
    Actor wants to scrap trident to pay for everything.
    Tory MP going after the nationalisation plan.
    Anti white-van-man woman back.
    Back to the audience.
    Webb answering a question about the debt.
    (yawn....bad panel....yawn)
    SNP woman
    Audience member asking if we're to the left of Germany
    Ok, enough. Tedious stuff!

  • 2nd question: Will a Conservative advance across Scotland halt a second independence referendum?

    The actor is a firm SNP supporter.
    The audience aren't keen on the Tory MP. A very pro independence audience, if this is genuinely representative of the Scots, they will vote for independence if they get another vote.

  • We used to watch QT every week but finally got totally fed up with ...

    Dimbleby interrupting the people answering and then asking his own questions.

    Long monologues by panellists.

    Politicians never actually answering the questions. " The important thing is ................/ What we need to remember is ............."

    Panellists interrupting panellists answering questions.

    The same subjects coming up week after week.

    What the show needs is the audience to ask the questions and the panellists given say one minute to answer them.

  • I agree Morgan. The one minute (or perhaps two) is a good idea.

    It was a particular tedious show like night, what a "good" one to choose to start this thread off with.:rolleyes: The audience were very pro independence and if they are truly reflective of how the Scots think today as we're about to get into Brexit negotiations, then the UK is stuffed.

    I have to say that David Dimbleby doesn't help matters. He doesn't keep the panel under control and allows more time to the panellists he favours and at 78, he really he should go now.

    Who remembers Robin Day?

  • Who remembers Robin Day?

    I can remember when they didn't play dramatic drum rolls as the news came on, newsreaders sat behind a desk looking at the camera and didn't go wandering around the studio, correspondents didn't interview each other to get 'expert views' and they didn't repeat the same thing about 3 times in a news broadcast.

    Bring back the good old days. ;)

  • Question Time 18th May 2017 from Norwich


    Priti Patel - Conservative - Secretary of State for International Development
    Angela Rayner - Labour - Shadow Secretary of State for Education
    Vince Cable - Lib Dems - Former Business Secretary in Cameron's coalition government
    Jonathan Bartley - Green - co leader
    Charles Moore - Former Telegraph editor and Thatcher's biographer

  • Patel trying to explain government position.
    Cable explaining that care costs is unlimited, under the coalition he wanted it capped at 75k, but that idea was scrapped.
    Moore saying it is fair that houses should be sold to pay for care and saying that people should save for their old age and houses should be treated like any other asset. Rayner calling it a dementia tax.
    Bartley saying that when the NHS was set up, it was set up to care for all as no one knows what the future will hold and the NHS was the guarantee that you would be cared for (except of course most people never lived long enough to get dementia when the NHS was set up, why don't the politicians get challenged properly?)

    Audience member saying his dad gets poor care and he pays for it (no one is challenging the man on why he isn't looking after his own dad)

    Patel saying Labour just want to spend their way out of the problem. lots of arguing. boring.zzzz.

    Argument about getting the debt down and how all this care will be paid for and whether taxes should be raised or not.

  • Cable says no. Going on to say that Corbyn wants hard brexit like May. He goes on talking about about what happens at the end of the talks. He wants a "line of retreat" (aka a block)
    Rayner says May is like a dog whistling UKIP's position. Sounds like she's coming straight off a Northern council estate. Can't understand a word she is saying.
    Patel says that Corbyn is not credible. Lots of audience reaction to that, pro and against. Patel says that Labour allowed uncontrolled immigration and the torys are taking back control. (wish they would!)

    Some audience members very pro immigration. Someone says that JC has won two elections, unlike May so far.

    Moore focusing on the first lines in the manifestos and says that the first lines in the tory manifesto focus on Brexit, the Labour manifesto is wishy washy. JC is not leadership material..
    Bartley admires Corbyn but says his judgement on article 50 not good and given May a blank cheque over negotiations.

  • Moore says the government doesn't know what to spend the aid on and its wasted. It's goes to foreign governments rather than charities mostly.
    Bartley in favour of the aid. Wants it raised to 1% of GDP.
    Cable complimenting Cameron for keeping the target. He goes on to say that torys are trying to change the definition of aid.
    Patel is proud of the 0.7% (her department, she would be..) She says it "helps us stand tall in the world (how so??) She wants to make sure it's spent where its needed (isn't she meant to be doing that now??)
    Chairman challenging her on her the 350 million pledge for NHS and why some of this aid money can't be spent of NHS.
    Rayner says she would keep aid, but arms are being sold to Saudi Arabia.

  • Rayner says yes as the the students are the future for the country.
    Patel says how will Labour pay for it as free fees are not sustainable.
    Audience member said she ended up in 30k in debt.
    Cable says that in a fantasy world where money grows in trees it should be free. He said Lib Dems were punished for rising fees after promising not to and they made the difficult decision to raise them when in government. (Very sensible Dr Vince, lib dems never used to make sense)
    Moore says that because there are no fees in Scotland, the universities up there don't get enough money so want more English and foreign students.
    Bartley said its not inevitable to have fees and lib dems broke their promise and big corporations do well out of current system.

  • 1st question: After paying taxes for all your working life, is it fair that you have to sell your home to pay for your care?

    2nd question: Is Jeremy Corbyn credible enough to lead Brexit negotiations?

    3rd question: 0.7 of GDP (13 billion quid) goes on foreign aid, why? When there are shortages in the UK.

    4th Question: Should tuition fees be free to all students?

    Question 1. I don't think it's possible to have a system that's fair to everybody. But I think instead of leaving a fixed amount of £100 k untouched, the maximum amount taken by the state should be a percentage of the value of the estate at the start of the time care is needed. So, if granddad has to go into a care home and his house is worth say £300k the maximum the state can take would be 2/3 of that no matter how long he was there. If the estate is worth £500 k at the time, then the maximum would be 2/3 of that and so on.

    House prices generally increase but in the event of the estate being worth less than the original valuation there would need to be a fail safe system obviously.

    Question 2. No. He would ensure that Brexit didn't happen by stalling tactics and finally saying it's impossible.

    Question 3. Foreign Aid should be cut by at least half and the money used for the NHS and care. As to what we do give, the system needs tightening up so the money isn't spent on keeping corrupt foreign dictators, civil servants and army generals in luxury.

    Question 4. No. Doctors and nurses shouldn't have to pay on condition that they work for the NHS for at least 5 years on qualification. Other occupations such as scientists (?) etc. can have their's free too as long as they are prepared to work for some public service organisation for the same time. Perhaps we should have a sort of scale, the amount paid being related to their ultimate value to society or mankind. If people want to study golf course management, photography etc. they should have to pay.

  • Question Time 25th May 2017 from Salford

    Today's panel:

    Amber Rudd - Conservative - Home Secretary
    Andy Burnham - Labour - newly created position of Mayor Of Greater Manchester - formerly Health Secretary in Tony Blair's government
    Colin Parry - campaigner - son Tim was killed in IRA Warrington attack of 1993
    Sara Khan - Author of "The Battle of British Islam".
    Nazir Afzal - Assoc of Police Commissioners

  • Waffle from Rudd. She'll do nothing. Utterly useless.
    Love and cuddles from Afzal - LW would love that! More waffle.
    Audience member says all comments so far are reactionary, he wants to know what action will be taken to prevent future acts. (good question!)
    Burnham - more waffle, proud of everyone, proud, proud (we're fooked, they haven't got a clue) Now he's talking about police cuts. zzzz
    Parry says there's no going back to the 1930s, we're a multicultural, multiracial society and we've got to integrate. Except many of our foreign friends don't want to integrate. And when did the British people get a say in whether we wanted a united nations society?
    Khan - talks about taking down social networking sites that support terrorism. She's the only one who has said something sensible.

  • Perhaps someone should question whether they are British to begin with. I say they're not, regardless of whether they are born here or not.

    Parry says people should talk to each other like he did with Martin McGuinness. The fact that the IRA were defeated and infiltrated left, right and centre, I guess had nothing to do with it.... No wonder his wife left him.
    Audience member says mosque giving out extremist pamphlets and dvds. Almost silent crowd and now a Muslim woman is talking...
    A Muslim man says "I am Manchester" while sitting next to his friend the reverend. Very PC.
    Rudd says she has prevented about 50 children going to Syria. Should have let them gone.
    Man in audience says foreign aid should be cut and money be spent here. PCSOs can't arrest and don't have hand cuffs, he wants the money spent here.
    Khan says she knows 13 year old girls who want to go to Syria because they think its a Islamic Disneyland...

  • Luke warm applause from the audience.

    Rudd says you can't throw people out of the country based on suspicions, they have to have committed a crime. Sigh... A lot more people will die before anything is ever done.

  • Question Time is back, well, actually it was last week, but it was a bloody awful panel.

    I'm not going to do the summaries of the show any more, if you want to know what happened, then watch, if you can bare it. But if anyone wants to chat it about it while it's on, I'm here.

    As Andrew Neil has stepped down from doing the Daily Politics and Sunday show, then the only time to watch him now is on This Week after Question Time which comes back tonight. Again, if anyone wants to talk about that, we can do it here, or start a new thread.


    Question Time 21st September 2017 from Bridgwater

    Today's Panel:

    Kwasi Kwarteng MP - Conservative

    Jess Phillips MP - Labour

    Dr Vince Cable MP - Lib Dems

    Paul Mason - The Guardian

    Dia Chakravarty - The Telegraph

    Very uber left panel.... and no government representation. That's piss poor.

  • Q1 - Theresa May is proposing a 20 billion euro exit deal for the EU, is this what we voted for?

    Q2 - When will world leaders stand up to Kim (or words to that effect)?

    Q3 - Is Vince Cable likely to be prime minister?

    Q4 - Should university tuition fees be increased or decreased?

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