Conservative Manifesto

  • Theresa May is promising what she says would be the biggest expansion of workers' rights by any Conservative government, if the party retains power.

    Its manifesto will promise to keep all workers' rights currently guaranteed by EU law, put worker representation on company boards and protect pensions.

    There would also be a statutory right to a year's unpaid leave to care for a relative, under the election plans.

    Would nice if the Conservatives actually released their manifesto, rather than drip feeding us details, but with this, it looks like May is targetting those concerned about workers rights once we leave the EU. Clearly she is trying to get some Labour voters on side.

  • Clearly she is trying to get some Labour voters on side.

    I think so too. A lot of Labour supporters voted Leave in the referendum and this will encourage them to switch to the Tories since it gives them reassurance over something that was a cause for concern. Then of course all they have to worry about is whether or not the policies are carried out once she's elected. They are good ideas though since they won't cost the government a penny and be only a small inconvenience to employers.

  • In effect, its a bit of a smokescreen in many respects, the Conservatives have already said that all EU law including those on workers rights will be incorporated into UK law, so May can present something as new when in many cases it's not.

    I don't see how putting "the ordinary people" on company boards will do anything worthwhile. Unless those people have a ability to understand and and affect what happens at board level, what is the point?

  • Yet again, pre news, rather than releasing the bloody thing, we get it "leaked" first....sigh. Wish this would stop, it's just trying to manipulate the headlines and unfortunately it works.

    Anyway, here's the BBC article:

    The Tories will promise further measures to curb immigration in their manifesto, the BBC understands.

    Firms will be asked to pay more to hire migrant workers and they in turn will be asked to pay more to use the NHS.

    Theresa May will make a commitment to bringing immigration down to the tens of thousands target, that has been missed since 2010.

    So the person who did nothing about immigration while she was in charge of it has now seen the "light" and will crack down. Actions rather than words, comes to mind here.

  • The Tories will promise further measures to curb immigration in their manifesto, the BBC understands.

    And Merkel threatens us again. If the EU persist in demanding that we take in their citizens then they should be paying us to do so. Other than that, their tone seems to be getting more conciliatory.

    Merkel warns that Britain will be made to suffer if an EU migrant cap is introduced in the wake of Brexit…mmigration-cap-price.html

  • With all this pre-news, the Conservative manifesto has still not been launched.

    May will launch her manifesto within the next half hour from Yorkshire. Keep an eye on the news channels!

    I will comment on it all later, especially the social care measures.

  • Not had a chance yet to look at the manifesto, but will read it all tomorrow and hope to post about it in the evening. It'll be a wet day, so I'll be in.

    Note: The links to all the parties' manifestos are at the top of this forum.

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