Would you pay £50 to see a GP?

  • I wouldn't pay that to see one in my local GP practice. But if I thought it was desperately urgent I'd probably be prepared pay that or perhaps a bit more to see a GP with a private practice. At the moment, our local GP practice is pretty good. Keeping a long story short, last year I had an X ray just before I went on holiday. 4 days into the holiday the GP rang ' Where are you?' - On holiday in Devon, says I - Well get back here. You need an urgent scan. - Then he tried to offer a crumb of comfort ' But I don't want you to think it's necessarily anything serious.'

    Cheers doc. Fortunately all was well anyway. :D

  • What worries me is that its going down a slippery slope.

    Like you, if it's urgent, then okay. As long as you can afford it. But, what if you can't.

    First it was glasses, then dentists, now possibly GP's. When does the NHS, stop being the NHS?

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  • I think £50 would be too much for a lot of people to pay. It would be a better idea to charge everyone £5 a visit to give the NHS more money. It would have to be universal for everyone though, except perhaps those under 18, because means testing would cost too much to administer. Perhaps a 'season ticket' as is offered for frequent prescriptions could be the answer to that to keep the cost down for frequent users.

  • ....That reminds me that prescriptions is another chargeable item which I forgot about.

    Chip, chip chip. Bit by bit it's all going down a fully private route.

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