Is the editor of the Daily Mail the most dangerous man in Britain?

  • Below is a link to a rather long but very interesting article about Dacre's editorship of the Daily Mail. Reading it, it brings to light how one man has almost certainly had a huge influence on some members of the public. Being polite one could say the less politically aware.

    I'm a Brexiteer, for all the right reasons I believe, but it's a rather sobering thought that whereas Murdoch controlled Prime Ministers, this man seems to be manipulating vast numbers of the public.…man-in-britain-daily-mail

    As an after thought it also occurred to me that another example of Dacre's influence is that prior to the referendum, the Mail ( With the aid of the DWP.) ran a long campaign accusing virtually all the sick and disabled and unemployed of being idle scroungers. A myth that is still being perpetuated by some unfortunately, and which enabled Iain Duncan Smith to leave many decent, but unfortunate people penniless and relying on food banks to avoid starvation and led to attacks on many of them.

  • I think that placing blame upon who tries to influence whom, and to what evil degree, tends to make any responsibility for this that is brought to bear by the liberal/ left to be conspicuous by its absence. ?(

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