Merkel & Macron: A new chapter for the EU, or the final steps to its demise?

  • France's new president, Emmanuel Macron, has called for a "historic reconstruction" of Europe, saying it is "the only reaction" to fight populism.

    Speaking in Berlin on the first full day of his presidency, he was joined by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

    She said the pair had a "joint conviction" that they needed to "deepen the European Union".


    Both want "more" Europe, especially closer integration of the Eurozone, but are they really singing from the same hymn sheet?

    Although now denied, it was earlier reported that Macron was in favour of Euro zone countries being liable for each others debts. From a German point of view, especially in a election year, this is not something the Germans will tolerate.

    They're all in favour of closer integration, they already use the same currency and for it to work in the long term, the Euro zone countries do need to integrate further. But how can this happen unless they agree a common budget, common taxes etc? Germany will not bail out other countries forever, although they enjoy the dominate position that handing out the dosh gives them.

    Hollande once said to Merkel, "We are the hearts of Europe and you are the brains" and Merkel responded by saying, "you are the hearts and brains of Europe, we are the bankers."

    It cannot possibly work long term, yet the the Euro zone countries seem intent on further integration come what may.

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  • Tell me something - why is this man "fighting populism"? This translates to fighting against the concerns and needs of the ordinary citizen, the people. The tax payers, Monsieur Macron! Why do you want to fight against the people who are keeping you and your chums in woolly blankets and big expense accounts?

    And while I am on this subject, if he is "fighting populism" then who is the neo fascist, who is the bigot, who is the elitist?

  • Well, he has appointed this conservative prime minister, so perhaps he's only fighting populism depending on the audience....

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  • I don't know how this was reported where you are LW and perhaps you may not have absorbed some of Merkel's comments, but we did here....

    Remember Cameron going to Frau Merkel with cap in hand to her last year and she turned him away like a naughty little school boy? She didn't budge an inch and we got no deal. Now the French toyboy has arrived, Merkel has made direct comment about changing European treaties, something she absolutely has refused to do up until now and something that could easily have been done to have kept us in the EU.

    Remind me again, when was she appointed leader of the EU? Must have missed that election.

    With the UK out of the way, Europe now belongs to Germany. That will all work fine, won't it...?

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  • I don't get my news on the world from where I live, I get it from the horse's mouth on news sites on the internet and from articles and reports written by journalists in those places. I think Merkel is a shrewd operator but that practically nothing will stop the groundswell of dissent against the establishment. She and her juggernaut and crew are sailing toward the rocks.

  • The only thing that has made them consider changes now is Brexit. They are fully aware that whatever the results of the French election, the populist movement is still alive and will resurface later unless changes are made.

  • If the populist movement embraces independence of nation states from the EU, then no matter what the conniving old farts, toy boys and various mouldy hangers on say they will do - nothing will prevent the dissolution of their establishment.

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