Peacock - NBCUniversal's streamer

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  • NBCUniversal today announced “Peacock” ( as the name for its new streaming service.

    Peacock is a nod to NBC’s iconic logo and NBCUniversal’s rich legacy of creating beloved films, TV series, characters and franchises that have been at the epicenter of pop culture and will continue to define the future of entertainment.

    I'm assuming that the Comcast executives were out of the room when their NBCUniversal division came up with the name for the company's streamer, which presumably will launch globally at some point. I had thought that since Comcast took over Sky, there was a high chance that Sky would be name of the global streamer, but the Sky brand is now owned between Murdoch, Comcast and Disney, depending on the territory, so that's a no go, but peacock...8|:rolleyes: Me thinks this name will change at some point, before the streamer goes global.

    No idea of UK launch date yet, but presumably Sky subscribers will get access to this streamer as part of their existing pay tv packages and it will be packed with loads of Universal's films ranging from Jaws to Jurassic Park and from franchises like Bourne to Back to the Future. Coupled with NBC shows like The Office (recently clawed back from Netflix), and others ranging from Cheers to House and Bates Motel to Downton Abbey. Yes, you read that right, Downton Abbey is not a ITV show, but made by NBCUniversal. This streamer will be a compelling product in what is becoming a crowded market.

    It won't be all old stuff on the streamer though, as several new shows are planned including another reboot of Battlestar Galactica which NBCUniversal are hoping will take on Disney's Star Wars franchise, Warner/HBO's Game of Thrones franchise and ViacomCBS' Star Trek franchise. If you like sci-fi/fantasy shows, they'll all be on the streamers, but isn't new stories better than rehashing old ones? That said, a Lord of Rings tv show is to be made for Amazon Prime and Isaac Asimov's Foundation is being made into a tv series for Apple+, so if you have the dosh for all of them, the streamers will be the place to go to for the best stuff.

    Peacock launches in America next April.

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