• Apparently 84% of British people want the fox hunting ban to stay. If this is so, why is Chairman May threatening to overturn it?

    (I am and always have been, vociferously against fox hunting X(

  • Good subject LW, I was meaning to post this myself.

    This was mentioned on the news a few days ago why May has mentioned this during an election and the simple answer was, she was asked a question and she answered honestly. The question being, do you want ban on fox hunting overturned and she replied that she did.

    This really is a own goal here. For those Labour/Lib Dem voters the conservatives are targeting, this may make them think twice.

    I saw the preparations for a fox hunt when I was a little kid and to young eyes it was very impressive. All men in bright red tunics, white breeches, shiny shoes, with their brass horns on top of huge stallions roaring to go. And the pack of dogs, barking and excited. It was quite a site! Until I was older and realised what this was all about...

    If foxes need to be culled, there are ways to do it. I don't accept this is just the "city" people telling the "country" people what to do and trying to destroy their way of life. First of all, not many "normal" country folk are involved in the hunts, it's the toffs and secondly, the whole thing is absolutely disgusting.

    With Brexit, there would be no parliamentary time anyway to try and overturn the law, but in this case, this is what happens when a politician is honest and to be fair to May, it's a mistake and could cost here voters.

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  • Isn't it going to be a free vote rather than a commitment to actually overturn the ban? Can't see that getting through.

    I despise fox hunting with hounds. It's medievel and barbaric. We did away with most of these pursuits decades ago: Cock fighting, bear baiting, hare coursing to mention a few but of course these were for the common man, not the toffs.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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  • I hope they don't have a vote on it Heero, free vote, or not. Would tory MPs seriously vote for this in this day and age?

    The MPs should be fully focused on Brexit and if they're not, they're not doing their jobs properly. Although, we first of all we need MPs, then secondly we need something for them to discuss. I assume the Brexit negotiations will start next month, but who knows, at this rate it could be next year.

    It's quite a odd situation at the moment. We are at one of the most important points in this country's post war history, yet because of a election, there is a complete dearth of politics right at the time there should be tons. Great for a politics forum...! :rolleyes:

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  • It's times like this when I feel the wings I hung up starting to sprout again. Damn ...

    Sky News online is full of anti-Trump rubbish again this morning, as though the election at home isn't as significant as doing their level best to remove a populist rival from his democratically elected position.
    When this happens, I always get suspicious that someone is pulling on some hefty strings behind the scenes. Which makes Trump's opinion of the media spot on. They are a devious and perilous mindbending collection of utter bigots. The whole thing needs an overhaul. Titmouse opinions by flunkies of the establishment need to be replaced by heavy duty investigative journalists and reporters who are trained to do their job and not paid to spend most of their time weeping over ishoos that will help feed the fires of the moguls' empire.

    I would suggest that the empire of the devious is starting to show serious cracks in the dome of its once glorious and hoped for global dominion. Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    Today I see France's PM placing May, Farrage and le Pen in the same stable. There you have it. A direct attack on populism, which translates to a direct attack on the will and opinions, the needs and indeed the future of the citizenry.

    Well done, Monsieur! Go and get a jelly bean.

  • Just an update here, since May's poor election result, the question of overturning the ban on fox hunting has been shelved.:) Let's hope this is permanent.

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  • I don't know why she brought it up to begin with. There are still a group of conservative MPs are who very in with landowners of this country and all their medieval traditional. In fact, many of them are the landowners.

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