Iran, nukes and terrorism

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    With all attention on the virus, there are a few other things "bubbling" which could soon explode, but first a little bit of good news:

    Whether it is because of the virus, or what I'm about to post next, not sure, but I'm sure she'll be glad to be out of prison, if only for a few weeks.

    Going by this, it seems America is withdrawing from the region, but that maybe for other reasons entirely.:

    Two American and one British soldier were killed last week. The Americans have already retaliated against Iranian backed targets in Iraq, but are they planning something much bigger?:

    Two Carriers & Marine Amphib Converge On Mid East; Patriots Too

    "We’re gonna keep them for awhile," in the wake of a deadly rocket attack on Camp Taji in Iraq which killed two American troops and one British service member earlier this week, the head of Central Command said today.

    PENTAGON: Two American aircraft carriers are sailing in the Middle East for the first time since 2012, a deployment which joins a large new Marine force and the repositioning of Patriot batteries to Iraq. The movements are part of a broad realignment of forces reflecting the deepening American effort to keep Iran in check.

    When Iran attacked the mainly American bases in Iraq, we were told by Trump that these were only minor attacks and there was only minor injuries. In turns out this was rubbish. This was a massive direct attack by Iran against America and there was hundreds of injuries and severe damage done. And since then, there has been muiple Iranian backed attacks against coalition bases in Iraq.

    The Americans are saying that this deployment of two carrier strike groups is just for deterrence effect, but this seems overkilll just for deterrence. Deploying one carrier strike group costs a fortune, deploying two...

    America has also positioned F22 Stealth Raptors in the region and has assault ships with thousand of marines in the Med too.

    I believe if Iran continues its attacks against mainly American forces in Iraq, then the regime will find itself come under a overwhelming attack from America.

    Side note, with Putin at loggerheads with the Saudis and Russian and Turkish forces standing off against each other, it looks like the Americans are planning for a massive war stretching across the whole region.

  • Whether it is because of the virus, or what I'm about to post next, not sure, but I'm sure she'll be glad to be out of prison, if only for a few weeks.

    It's just for a fortnight

    I believe if Iran continues its attacks against mainly American forces in Iraq, then the regime will find itself come under a overwhelming attack from America.

    And they have the nerve to whine about lifting sanctions because of coronavirus

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    Iran has resumed enriching uranium to 20% purity, in its most significant breach yet of its 2015 deal with world powers to end nuclear sanctions.

    The global nuclear watchdog confirmed the process had begun at the underground Fordo plant on Monday

    South Korea says it will send a delegation to Iran "at the earliest possible date" to try to negotiate the release of an oil tanker seized by Iran's Revolutionary Guards on Monday.

    Iran says the ship violated pollution rules, which its operators deny.

    Meanwhile, a South Korean warship with an anti-piracy unit has moved close to the Strait of Hormus.

    Another year, another tanker seizure, and this time it's the South Koreans getting it in the neck. And with Iran enriching uranium again, things are looking more and more dangerous in that part of the world again.

    Perhaps Iran thinks that with Trump distracted over losing the American election and a new president still weeks away from coming into office, they can get away with causing chaos at the moment. But the question is, will Biden be prepared to take on the Iranian regime if need be?

  • Iran's actions are cowardly and violate the all the rules of the sea. Shows that they are just a tin pot dictatorship with no decency, morals or intelligence. Attacking an unarmed Tanker on the high seas is cowardly piracy and the perpetrators should be severely punished.

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    China has become a powerful nation and it’s just a whisker away from becoming the richest country in the world. We mess with them at our peril, and if we think that we can force them to adopt our standards, we have another think coming.

    I think we should enter into rational and respectful talks over Hong Kong as we have a joint agreement on that with them and leave China to deal with its own affairs as they think fit. We leave them alone, they leave us alone.

    Who do the Americans think they are, invading their part of the world like this? I think we need a little chat with Joe Biden when he takes over. War between the US and China is not something anyone should be advocating, and we really need to keep out of it.

  • China are almost at the point of if they went to war with the US then they would most likely slaughter them. They may not have the same firepower as the US but they would certainly outsmart them. What we need to remember is that the US is just as big a threat to this world if not more so and they go out on the attack to takeover rather than defend. They are a malignant country rather than benign. They develop weapons to destroy rather than defend and actively provoke and go looking for a fight. But they are as thick as shite so often will lose as they did when they took on Vietnam. They have a gung-ho big headed attitude which is their weak point and kills them. David and Goliath and they are no David.

    TBH I would not put it past the US to have sent a CIA agent into China to either plant or let the COVID virus out but we will never know for sure. It's a means to an end and they had issues with China long before and looking for an excuse for war just like how they put agents out in the Middle East to train them to use the arms they sold to them. Now they have turned the cards and the Middle East is another stepping stone for them and also moves them closer to Russia. They are on the doorstep with Afghan and Pakistan. The Russians have done well holding back all things considered.

    The danger is that they will happily con others into fighting with them or use other countries to help fund their war machine via commercial trade. Think who earns most from the Internet superpowers and why there is so much trolling on places like youtube comments. It's mostly the yanks picking fights and it's easy to pick out their gung-ho aggressive attitude. Don't forget this is a county that helped keep the Nazis in power to help fund them to grow into what they have grown into today. It certainly gave their automotive industry a boost, then they stole the riches that the Nazis stole, employed some Nazis to develop rockets and we where left indebted to them.

    I agree we should stay the hell out of it and should be distancing ourselves from the US as we have the EU. They are so fu**ing thick that even an old diesel aussie submarine can outsmart their big headedness and put a torpedo into one of their super carriers as was done in war games not so long ago. More recently a gung-ho captain of one of those carriers knowingly let COVID spread throughout the ships company. The captain had to be relieved of duty because IIRC he put his career before his crews safety.

  • Well, there is certainly something to chew over on that one. I'm not sure about some of your wilder allegations, but it is clear that the global situation is precarious to say the least.

    I'm a pacifist by nature and abhor war of any kind. As a student I was involved in the anti Afghan / Iraq war movement of the 2000's and agree with you that the USA has been involved in much of the militarist / power politics / black ops activity in a number of the world's most sensitive areas. All things that I've always said we should keep well clear of.

    Unfortunately, the vanity of Tony Blair took us into the misbegotten wars after 11/9 and thus we became embroiled in things we should never have been involved with. It cost hundreds of British lives and at its peak, the war was costing Britain £800 million a week. What a bloody stupid, ridiculous waste of money, and - more importantly - human life.

    Britain does need to avoid getting involved in these conflicts. I also believe we should give up our so-called "nuclear deterrent". It serves no purpose except for contributing to an attempted delusion that Britain is still a global military power, which was the motivating factor behind the two aircraft carriers that are tantamount to useless in a conflict because having built these vanity projects at enormous expense, the country can't afford the aircraft, the manpower to maintain and service them, the weapons to make them effective or the logistic support needed to keep them operational. They are massive white elephants, as are the ICBM submarines that - if the Scots get their way and leave the United Kingdom, - won't even have a base when the anti-nuclear SNP closes the Faslane base that they operate out of.

    You couldn't make it up.

    Britain has no influence with the United States and therefore can't do anything about their foreign policy. We have even less clout with Russia and China. Militarily Britain ranks well down the list of global powers. We are not in any position to influence anything and due to our newly acquired self-isolation, will become progressively less so in the future.

    I don't see declining military power as a bad thing. The less we are equipped for war, the less likely any future government is to take us into one.

    When Britain rejoins the EU, it would be beneficial to Britain to join a European army. As long as we maintained our contribution to that, we would have the security being part of a pan-European force which would also have the additional benefit of providing a restraining hand should any idiot in Downing Street ever feel the need to go all gung ho and Jingo when Uncle Sam needs somebody to give another of their wars some political legitimacy.

    Joining a European army would be fine by me.

  • You where doing well up to the point where you mentioned the EU.

    Talking about Scotland we have a US Virginia class nuke sub in Faslane near Glasgow berthed at HMNB Clyde right now. Seriously high security on that site and that alone costs a small fortune.


    Note to the left of the Conning tower the label on the side of the Tug.....SERCO, you may need to zoom in.

    I agree Trident should be abandoned but we can't randomly decide to abolish them as they are a deterrent but are also a waste of money and other countries are in the same position. It needs to be done in an agreement like we had in Gorbachev days and everyone decommissions all their nukes so all are on an even par but a lower level of destruction par if that makes sense. The problem is that we and and even more so the US have not fulfilled our promises and now Russia is building things back up again. Only at the start of December the Russians fired four intercontinental ballistic test missiles (Bulava missiles) from a nuclear sub in the Sea of Okhotsk.

    We have also had a lot of Russian activity recently off the west coast of Scotland, since before Christmas, a destroyer (Vice-Admiral Kulakov) and support vessels patrolling just outside the Outer Hebrides in international waters. The RN have been keeping a close eye and the RAF have flown a few intimidating Typhoon F-Off flights around them along with some the of the new F-35's. People often forget how much our waters are actually patrolled and protected on a daily basis. Not sure if we will patrol Scotland if they leave and they don't have a navy, army and air force (in that order ;) ) of their own. Those F-35 we have purchased from the US are costing us a fortune too. It all adds up and we seriously need to look at our military expenditure and measure what is worth it and what is not. But it's no good if those savings don't get put to good use helping the people elsewhere like creating jobs, housing, a better health system to name a few, and I would rather it went on military defence than on some stupid HS2 train or other random ideas and projects the government can think up like a new bridge or tunnel.

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    Iran says key Natanz nuclear facility hit by 'sabotage'

    A nuclear facility in Iran was hit by "sabotage" a day after it unveiled new uranium enrichment equipment, the country's top nuclear official says.

    Ali Akbar Salehi did not say who was to blame for the "terrorist act", which caused a power failure at the Natanz complex south of Tehran on Sunday.

    Israeli public media, however, cited intelligence sources who said it was the result of an Israeli cyber-attack.

    Israel has not commented on the incident directly.

    Things have been hotting up again in the middle east in recent weeks, in fact is there ever a time when things are not "hot"?

    Israeli and Iranian shipping has been attacked in what has been a tit for tat between the two countries, but now it seems that Iran's main nuclear facility has been attacked again. This comes as Biden has said America will restart talks over Iran's enrichment of uranium, but clearly the Israelis thought that the Iranian nuclear programme was too advanced and did this attack to keep Iran's nuclear ambitions under control.

    Iran has threatened revenge, so the possibility that this low level conflict between the two countries has all the hallmarks of it turning into something bigger. Is if the world needs another war at the moment.

  • Biden won't make any decisions about Iran. His manipulators will make the decisions for him.. Biden is too far gone for rational thinking. The nicest thing to do with him is to have him taken care of in a geriatric home for the confused.

    I hope that America and The UK stay out of any conflict between Iraq and Israel. That would have the makings of another world war........ Let the two countries sort things out between themselves without interference.

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    But if Iran puts a nuclear bomb onto a ballistic missile, then it becomes all of our problem, better to prevent that to begin with. As for the yanks, the new American defence secretary was in Israel a few days ago, so it seems the Americans were involved, or at least knew that this attack was going to happen.

    A world war will happen if the conflicts in the middle east merge into what Russia is doing on its borders (involving Turkey) and that joins up with China's actions in the South China Sea. Unlike in WW2, Russia does not have the capability to conduct warfare globally and neither does China - yet. Iran only has the capability to cause death and chaos in its own region, but if these countries join forces, then we have a problem.

  • I think we should send Borat out to Iran :D Talking about Iran where's our terrorist friend or did the BGP and Bude finally catch up with him and his fake pics of a young man flexing some muscles.

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    Talking about Iran where's our terrorist friend

    We retired him. ^^

    I think he was more Republican Guard.

    Regarding Iran's nukes I think we should be spectators rather than participants. and let the Israeli's sort them out.

  • Why should the UK get involved in this middle east spat. Like Nora said, there is nothing there except sand. Best to stay well away from that area for the near future. The Israelis are perfectly able to protect themselves from the Iran terrorists.

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