Will Trump encourage the revival of Iran?

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  • See, and we do same with us and uk forces in iraq, afghanistan and syria.

    I note once again you refuse to respond to my comment ref Saddam Hussein as to why/how hanging him was pronounced.

  • Actually it wasn't, he made a key point that lies to the heart of many of the world's problems.

    As long as some countries see others as being in their sphere of influence aka under their control, there will never be a peaceful world.

    I disagree, he always deflects to avoid difficult questions

    If They Can Do It So Can I

  • You do realise don't you that you're talking to a mad dog who won't to talk to infidel bitches, only to other infidel dogs who are willing to provide hopelessly sane or rational or pointless arguments that offer a platform for the mad dog to carry on barking

  • Bush and Blair quite rightly wanted rid of him

    As Obama and Cameron wanted rid of Qaddafi

    If They Can Do It So Can I

  • I am raising this to show the absolute shenanigans from those with real power.

    I say this purely from a legal base:

    Blair and Bush can lawfully be convicted of murder (yes I know it will never happen) Lawfully, judicially, properly can be convicted on a proper indictment for murder.

    This is why:.............

    The invasion of Iraq was unlawful and had not proper, legal backing. Invasion of a sovereign state etc.

    They had to show a link to legal authority in order to hang him. The public were not told. Saddams own Army, close protection unit, tried to overthrow him. They attempted to kill him. Saddam rounded them all up and had them shot. But he shot them without a trial. So Blair and Bush tried Saddam for killing his OWN people (soldiers) without a trial ... Murder. He was convicted and hanged. The paper work - lawful documents - showed he was sentenced to death (Hanging) as he was convicted of murder.

    Blair and Bush knew there was NOT any WMDs... they knew 100% WMDs did not exist... yet they still sent troops into Iraq also knowing full well that a number of those troops would be killed.

    It is an offence, criminal offence, to knowingly send a person into a situation whereby the likelihood is they will be killed or seriously harmed. Under US and UK law this is an offence of Murder.

    Thereby lawfully, legally, properly rendering Blair and Bush to arrest and charges for murder.

    No matter how you cut it what i have stated is 100% legally correct. Correct in fact and correct in law.

  • IMO Blair and Bush are no better than Hitler. Both should be hung drawn and quartered. We can't have one rule for one and a different rule for another. They are war criminals plain and simple. If the prosecution did not drop the case for treason at the last minute on Katharine Gun then the British government would have incriminated themselves. Actually that's not strictly true but the truth would have been out in the open officially that the CIA and GCHQ planned to falsify the story of WMD with T Blair's full approval for the purpose of war.

    The war would have not have gone ahead if that case went to trial. Even the Crown Magistrate (old bailey judge) was pissed off with the prosecution for wasting his and the courts time. The prosecution where counting on her pleading guilty but she pleaded innocent LOL They could not have all the defence evidence publicly aired or T Blair would have been accountable. He may have even been called as a witness along with members of GCHQ. Corruption at the highest levels.

    Iran May Have a Fleet of Communist Killer Dolphins


  • IMO Blair and Bush are no better than Hitler.

    If you include Cameron for aiding and abetting the removal of Gaddafi in this analogy, do you think that Saddam Husein should have been allowed to continue their murderous campaigns?

    If They Can Do It So Can I

  • Why the west forces Iran to get the nuclear bomb

    Iran did freeze its nuclear program as we had a deal with the west. We had the deal that we wont use nuclear weapons and can follow our right to use nuclear power for energy production. At same time we had free trade.

    Iran is in dire need for new aircrafts. Most of our fleet is many decades old. Trump broke our deal and now our old aircrafts cant even get fuel when landing in the west, dont get repaired, get no spare parts.

    Experts say this will change drastical, once we have the bomb. Just like North Korea Iran can simply force the west to drop the sanctions.

    The west is to weak to stop us from building the bomb. Insiders say Iran can aqquire it within one year and 6 months.

    So what will happen after Iran gets the bomb?

    • The Islamic Republic is a revisionist state that seeks to undermine what it perceives to be the American-dominated order in the Middle East. However, it does not have territorial ambitions and does not seek to invade, conquer, or occupy other nations.
    • Nuclear arms would probably reinforce Iran's traditional national security objectives, including deterring a U.S. or Israeli attack.
    • Iran is unlikely to use nuclear weapons against other Muslim countries, particularly in view of its diminishing influence and deteriorating economy; it is unlikely to use them against Israel given Israel's overwhelming military superiority.
    • The Iranian government does not use terrorism for ideological reasons. Instead, Iran's support for terrorism is motivated by cost and benefit calculations, with the aims of maintaining deterrence and preserving or expanding its influence in the Middle East.
    • Iran's possession of nuclear weapons will create greater instability in the Middle East. An inadvertent or accidental nuclear exchange between Israel and Iran is a dangerous possibility. However, there is not much evidence to suggest that rogue elements could have easy access to Iranian nuclear weapons, even if the Islamic Republic were to collapse.
    • Elements of the political elite, including Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, may be fervent Mahdists or millenarians, but their beliefs are not directly related to nuclear weapons and will not shape Iran's nuclear decisionmaking.

    I think events will develop in a better direction. What we have right now helps nobody. The west hates us but is too weak and scared to attack us directly. So what we have are idiotic and hurtful sanctions against the people of Iran. Once Iran has teh bomb that changes. We become untouchable. We can force sanctions to end.

  • In your dreams :whistling:

    If They Can Do It So Can I

  • In your dreams :whistling:

    No, not in my dreams. In reality. UN says Iran only needs 4 months to produce 7000 kg of high enriched uranium. Iran already has the design of the bomb. The only hurdle is to get as much fissile material. Iran already is a para nuclear state.

  • You are old man. I hope you will still be alive when it happens.

    Your Ali Khamenei who you so brown nose is older than me

    Are you as disrespectful of him?

    If They Can Do It So Can I

  • With all attention on the virus, there are a few other things "bubbling" which could soon explode, but first a little bit of good news:

    Whether it is because of the virus, or what I'm about to post next, not sure, but I'm sure she'll be glad to be out of prison, if only for a few weeks.

    Going by this, it seems America is withdrawing from the region, but that maybe for other reasons entirely.:

    Two American and one British soldier were killed last week. The Americans have already retaliated against Iranian backed targets in Iraq, but are they planning something much bigger?:

    Two Carriers & Marine Amphib Converge On Mid East; Patriots Too

    "We’re gonna keep them for awhile," in the wake of a deadly rocket attack on Camp Taji in Iraq which killed two American troops and one British service member earlier this week, the head of Central Command said today.

    PENTAGON: Two American aircraft carriers are sailing in the Middle East for the first time since 2012, a deployment which joins a large new Marine force and the repositioning of Patriot batteries to Iraq. The movements are part of a broad realignment of forces reflecting the deepening American effort to keep Iran in check.

    When Iran attacked the mainly American bases in Iraq, we were told by Trump that these were only minor attacks and there was only minor injuries. In turns out this was rubbish. This was a massive direct attack by Iran against America and there was hundreds of injuries and severe damage done. And since then, there has been muiple Iranian backed attacks against coalition bases in Iraq.

    The Americans are saying that this deployment of two carrier strike groups is just for deterrence effect, but this seems overkilll just for deterrence. Deploying one carrier strike group costs a fortune, deploying two...

    America has also positioned F22 Stealth Raptors in the region and has assault ships with thousand of marines in the Med too.

    I believe if Iran continues its attacks against mainly American forces in Iraq, then the regime will find itself come under a overwhelming attack from America.

    Side note, with Putin at loggerheads with the Saudis and Russian and Turkish forces standing off against each other, it looks like the Americans are planning for a massive war stretching across the whole region.

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  • Whether it is because of the virus, or what I'm about to post next, not sure, but I'm sure she'll be glad to be out of prison, if only for a few weeks.

    It's just for a fortnight

    I believe if Iran continues its attacks against mainly American forces in Iraq, then the regime will find itself come under a overwhelming attack from America.

    And they have the nerve to whine about lifting sanctions because of coronavirus

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