Stop and search won’t help to beat knife crime, Met chief is told

  • Britain’s most senior police officer has been urged to rethink her support for stop and search as race relations experts warn that an increase in its use will further alienate communities and make it harder to tackle the knife crime epidemic in London.

    After a dramatic surge in stabbings, the new head of the Metropolitan police, Cressida Dick, spoke approvingly earlier in the week about stop and search, praising it as “hugely powerful” in tackling knife crime.

    On Thursday, speaking to families in south London, Dick described the level of knife crime as outrageous and said most Londoners supported increased stop and search powers. “If police carrying stop and search can help to stop [knife crime] then the vast majority of people will be very supportive.”

    ...........Critics warned that an increased reliance on stop and search to tackle knife crime risked making it harder to acquire the policing intelligence needed to effectively protect communities most affected.…cressida-dick-knife-crime

    It seems to me that the police are in a cleft stick here. There is no doubting that in London at least, a disproportionate number of young black males are both the perpetrators and the victims of knife crime.

    Yet it seems that the most effective method of combating it, stop and search of the suspects, creates problems in the communities where it's been carried because the police target young black males!

    Well we can't have it both ways. The police have to duty to protect people and the communities where stop and search is carried out will have to decide what they consider to be more important, young black lives or the lunacy of a political correct policy which targets all, both the most likely suspects and the less likely suspects, equally.

  • There's certain areas where knife crime is rampant and it is not all in ethnic areas either, there is a part of Liverpool (name escapes me at this second) where it's all white and they have loads of knife crime and some high profile killings. Nottingham, is probably the worst in the country, even beating London.

    As you say Morgan, can't have it both ways. Either the police stop and search people for knifes or they don't and the maiming and killing continues.

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