For the man who has everything.

  • It's like when you're a kid and you go to carnivals or fairs and they give out free stickers, balloons and various rubbish which as a kid you love. This rubbish is no different, except it's for adults and they charge for it! I wouldn't pay a penny.

  • My most unfavourite is the Greens' "say no to hate" t-shirt. They are supposed to be an eco-concious party. Where, in the name of the Giant Pixie, does racism and "hate" come into that? It's why I wouldn't support any party today that has the word "green" in it. Just a smokescreen for red.

  • I think people should be whatever they think is the appropriate thing to be, but if they are so simply to tear a strip of everyone else, feel superior and call the rest of us bigots and nazis, then the fight's on.

    (Only if I'm allowed to, of course. 8))

  • Not a gift, but related to Morgan's OP, I was clearing out some rubbish the other day and I came across a Conservative election leaflet that read "strong and stable leadership." ....:P

    I bet there must be some mugs or t shirts out there. Would be worth getting some and they might be worth a fortune in the future to political students.

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