Have a break, have a KitKat for £14!

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  • Nestlé launches made-to-order luxury KitKats for £14 a bar

    We used to be content just nibbling milk chocolate off KitKat fingers, but soon Britons will be able to snack on a “luxury handcrafted” version – for up to £14 a bar – as the tea-break staple gets a gourmet makeover.

    Bespoke KitKats are expected to be one of this year’s must-have Christmas presents after its owner, the food giant Nestlé, revealed the upmarket KitKat Chocolatory range.

    For £14, I could buy several multi-packs of Kitkats or over a dozen packs of Tesco's own brand ones, so I'll pass. But perhaps I'll add these to my Christmas wishlist though.;)

    Anyone fancy a £14 KitKat?

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  • I avoid Nestle products as they cater for the Halal market. Kitkat hasn't passed my lips for many years now. Likewise with Cadbury.

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  • I gave up on Cadbury after it was bought by Americans. They turned its once fabulous chocolate into something that now tastes like sludgy fudge.

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  • £14 quid for a Kit Kat :rolleyes:

    I suppose it could be served with a £10 cup of coffee or tea

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  • Yeah, it's the kind of overpriced thing a coffee shop would sell.

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