Egypt attack

  • Coptic Christians have been killed by masked gunmen in an attack on a bus in Egypt.

    Now, look at Egypt's response, fighter jets flown out hours later to terrorists camps.

    There are no hordes of tearful folk holding up placards with hearts on them saying how much they love buses. There are no candles and teddy bears. There is no official statement that the Egyptians must expect more of this and that their response should be stoic acceptance and masochistic endurance because if they do this the terrorists will just go away.

    That is the vast difference between the mental disease that afflicts much of the west and real people from the rest of the world.…ooting-coptic-christians/

  • The problem is LW, as with most of that part of the world and other parts, is that the West supports the "Hard Man" dictator and that encourages terrorism. The terrorists act, the hard man responds and a vicious cycle begins. Egyptians elected a leader, that leader was deposed and now we have another hard man in position.

    Who wins here? Is it really in the West's interests (and I know, as you've told me before for obvious reasons, you don't come from a purely European/American view of the world) to support dictators? What if those "terrorists" camps are nothing of the sort?

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  • If the incumbent job in Egypt hadn't deposed the existing theocrat Egypt would have been in dire straights. Because these places have power vacuums after dictators are done away with, they become fertile soil for the germination of insurgents. That happened to Iraq after Saddam was hanged. It happened after Qaddafi and it will happen after Assad. The problem is the nature of the entire culture before all the trouble starts and the motivating forces of either colonialism that suddenly leaves the scene or the thirst for oil that installs puppets. These things create unnatural relationships with powerful world leaders. When the people rise under a banner of some sort, such as Islamic extremism, or nationalism, communism, etc, the cack hits the fan and there is chaos.

    Mostly, the world sits back and eats popcorn or says "nowt to do wiv me, guv" and pretends the bubble they live in is secure, whilst they pour refugees from these places in through leakages in their own borders that are not sealed because they think they can use the desperate for pimping their globalist agenda.

    They know full well that deranged extremists and recruiters will come in with the flood of migrants but they don't seem to think a few bomb blasts are worth stopping the grander design.

    If anyone says anything like this there is usually an hysterical clamour of voices yelling nazi, racist, bigot, fascist etc out of context and in the hope that their arm waving antics might chase off the boy who mentioned the emperor was naked. Usually works because most of us can't stand getting covered in all that sanctimonious pseudo ubermensch morality they pump out at anyone who breaks the Code of Love.

    I am seeing more journalists stepping up to criticise this, so there may be hope. Whether they can continue to do so without antagonising the ad people, as you mentioned, is a moot point. I just don't think anyone can keep up this nonsense forever. Sooner or later the people will rise against it and the election of Trump is a good example.

    The love bangles and the teddy bears will get thrown on the fires of rage. It's only a matter of time and it is pointless saying "I told you so."

  • I'm not entirely sure I follow you there LW. Are you saying that the military shouldn't have deposed Morsi?

    In a way, it's the same with Turkey. Half the country supports the Islamists and the other half don't. Morsi was a Islamist who won by popular democratic vote, but the other half of the population didn't like that, so the military stepped in and deposed him. Now the other half of the population are happy, while the Islamist supporting half are simmering. Swings and roundabouts.

    How can this ever be resolved?

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  • I'm saying that the military were right to depose Morsi.They stepped in when blind belief made people think they were electing God and not a human who would oppress them through that belief.

    I don't think "Islamism" is what is making some people anxious enough to put theocrats in power. There is more to all this than meets the eye and people sometimes feel that voting for God might solve those problems, but as they are not problems related to God but to humans, those clerics usually end up calling fro bloodshed.

  • Militants have launched a bomb and gun attack on a mosque in Egypt's North Sinai province, killing 235 people, state media say.

    Witnesses say the al-Rawda mosque in the town of Bir al-Abed, near al-Arish, was targeted during Friday prayers.

    It is the deadliest attack of its kind since an Islamist insurgency in the peninsula was stepped up in 2013.

    The Egyptian military has said they will respond with "brute force."

    I doubt we will ever find out the motives for this attack, but if the attackers were captured, it would be interested for their sick minds to be probed and try and gleam out of them a reason for this attack.

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  • Horrific. I think, though, that out of all evil comes some measure of good. You can see this in the new Saudi leader. He has finally decided to tell Iran to get over itself and is looking at corruption among his own elite. The day Muslims do something about radical elements in their own belief system will be the day something happens to eliminate it as a terrorist cult. When anyone else protests, they get called Islamophobic. You can't call moderate Muslims Islamophobic, so it's really up to them. And they are courageous to try their luck against radicals because those who do tend to end up without heads.

  • There is so much going on in the Middle East at the moment.

    I had loads of stories saved, to post here. But I will stick some of the more recent ones in the general Middle Eastern thread.

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