Mandelson calls for Lords to frustrate Brexit bill

  • Allies of Tony Blair will attempt to frustrate Brexit in the House of Lords on Monday by urging peers to rally against the Government.

    The former Labour prime minister,last week urged people to “rise up” against Brexit and support a new movement to keep Britain in the European Union.

    Lord Mandelson, one of Mr Blair’s closest allies, urged peers to defy the Government and not “throw in the towel early”.

    The Labour peer said he believes that the Lords can force ministers into giving Parliament a “meaningful” vote and guaranteeing the rights of EU citizens living in the UK.

    Lord Hain, who served as a cabinet minister under Mr Blair, will push for a vote on keeping Britain in the single market and call for the open border between Northern Ireland and the Republic to stay in place.

    Unelected Lord Mandelson, one of the arch plotters in the plan to throw open the doors of the UK to millions of immigrants, has obviously now decided to tell the people of the UK that we should be subjects of the EU.

    Mandelson should be told very firmly that if he and the other privileged lords decide to block Brexit against the wishes of both the House of Commons and the 17.4 million Leave voters, he will lose his status as a lord in the ensuing civil unrest.

  • The Brexit bill is in the Lords now and was on BBC Parliament earlier, but has gone off to discuss more "important" business like the SNP's discussing Trump's state visit...

    I was intending to watch the Lords coverage today, but sun and warm fresh air took priority. So, I was out and about and in my garden.

    As for Mandelson.... sigh. These people call themselves democrats, yet won't accept the democratic decision of the people. If article 50 doesn't get triggered, then all hell could break loose. Perhaps that's what they want? There has always been a certain group (the Islington sect) who have always wanted to undermine this country and put it down.

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  • What makes me cross is that those who argue that we should commit now to allowing Europeans who migrated to this country to stay here are completely ignoring the plight of the Brits who are working in Europe!

    Of course we should not give people a commitment that they can stay here until the EU is prepared to agree to our citizens working in Europe as well. Otherwise, we are throwing our own to the wolves.

  • It's because they want to stay in Europe regardless, whether it hurts Britain's interest or not. They're not interested in the rights of Briton's abroad, they just want a plumber or a nanny for their kids, as cheaply as possible.

    Although Brexit was mainly immigration driven, there are other issues why we voted leave too. One is to stick two fingers up to those who think they know better than us.

    Blair never did get over the fact he was never given the chance to become EU president. Unfortunately a lot of things about the EU is about ideology rather than practicality and that is where the EU goes wrong and will die a certain death. And I won't cheer when that happens, just be relieved that Britain won't be caught up in the mess that will follow the EU collapse.

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  • Lord Hain? He used to live a few streets down from me in the early sixties. He's just a very ordinary person. Where does he get a fraudship from?

    You only live twice, or so it seems

    One life for yourself, and one for your dreams

  • No, Hatfield. Presuming we are talking about the same Lord Hain and you don't have another one lurking in there somewhere.

    You only live twice, or so it seems

    One life for yourself, and one for your dreams

  • Doesn't look like they took much notice:


    The House of Lords have rejected an amendment to the Brexit bill which would have pushed for the UK to remain in the single market after leaving the EU.
    Peers voted overwhelmingly against the proposal this evening, with one frontbencher slapping it down as “unrealistic”.

    By a margin of 299 to 136, with a majority of 163, peers chose not to slow down the bills passage through the House after it successfully passed through the Commons earlier this month.

    Nonetheless, the move did expose deep divisions within Labour as former Cabinet ministers Lord Hain and Lord Mandelson spoke in support of the change - contrary to the frontbench stance.


    I think leaving any vestige of our current EU membership intact would only give succour to comitted remaoners and give them an opportunity to slowly and sneakilly slide us back in. They all have form on this with "mission creep" over the years since we joined the then common market.

    History is much like an Endless Waltz. The three beats of war, peace and revolution continue on forever.


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  • Well, some good news so far ... I suspect some realise that the people are in no mood for fandangoing about.

    I see Mandelson has been given a fraudship too. The House of Frauds.

    You only live twice, or so it seems

    One life for yourself, and one for your dreams

  • The reason May announced we would be leaving the single market is because all the other EU countries said we could not be in the single market if we did not accept free movement. Personally, she should've kept this as a negotiating tactic rather than caving in to them.

    But at least the lords aren't blocking things. So, short of some kind of disaster, Brexit will be about to start soon. We hope.

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