Zambian Opposition leader on trial for treason

  • Africa is changing and despots are trying to keep it and the African people in the dark ages of their elitist rule and under the iron fist of their dictatorships. Please spread the word about Mr Hichilema's arrest and possible execution. And support Mmusi Maimane and the South African Democratic Alliance's attempts to free Africa's millions from the rule of wealthy elites that are crushing the dream of renewal that is the right of every single citizen in every single place on earth, let alone Africa. It's time for change.


    Mr Hichilema was violently arrested over six weeks ago and faces charges of treason – a crime punishable by death in Zambia – for allegedly attempting to block a motorcade in which Zambian President Edgar Lungu was a part of.…cracy-africa-help-freehh/

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