Theresa May gets personal in attack on Jeremy Corbyn as election polls narrow

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  • Theresa May set the tone for the final phase of the general election campaign with her strongest personal attack on Jeremy Corbyn on Tuesday, claiming the Labour leader’s performance in the previous night’s live TV debate showed he would be “naked in the negotiating chamber” when Brexit talks start next month.

    The outspoken remarks represent an attempt by Conservative strategists to refocus the prime minister’s message on a direct comparison between herself and the Labour leader – as the party seeks to shore up its opinion poll lead with little more than a week before voters go to the ballot box.

    In a speech to party activists and journalists in Wolverhampton, May launched a series of strongly worded attacks on Corbyn’s character and leadership style…it-talks-says-theresa-may

    I really don't think personal attacks on opponents are the way to go in general election campaigning. It was bad enough with the demolition of Ed Miliband who had nothing to recommend him anyway. I wish they'd stick with the policies and not the personalities.

    But I suppose that's all the Tories have left to go for because, simply judging by social policies, if Labour had anyone else leading them, the Tories would have lot more to worry about in my opinion.
    Prior to the election we were concerned about the way the Tories were running the NHS. What happened to those worries?

  • But it's always been about personalties, don't you think Morgan. I agree it should be about the policies, but instead it's always been about whom do we want running things, or rather whom don't we want.

    Remember the moment Neil Kinnock fell over on a Welsh beach, that probably lost him the election as everyone thought he was a bumbling idiot. The fact he brought the hard left to heal was completely overlooked by the wider populace after that.

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