Fireworks Ban

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  • "Sainsbury's BANS sale of fireworks from all of its 2,300 stores due to fears for welfare of pets and the elderly"…reworks-2-300-stores.html

    Good for them, our two adopted dogs are terrified with the bangs and loud noises which don't just happen on Nov 5th but seem to go on for weeks

    Advice we were given was to get sedatives from the vet but I don't see why we should dope the dogs

    Organised bonfires and events are safer anyway and usually well away from people

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  • Agree, 100%. One of our dogs (the saluki) isn't bothered at all, but our collie/whippet cross gets really scared for days, even when there aren't any actually being used. It's a big problem for her, with no easy solution.

    We have been de-sensitising her with my Alexa this year. You can get it to play fireworks noises. She does seem slightly better with the occasional firework that we've heard already, but I suspect the real thing will still be very tough on her.

    The fireworks today are much noisier than those we had as kids. Some of them sound like actual explosions and bombs dropping.

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  • I agree with banning them. Not only are they a fire hazard and dangerous when in the hands of idiots but they are terrifying to animals, birds, the elderly and to people who fear the sound of violent conflict. When they are used in large displays they are environmentally hazardous.

    The pretty small scale urban fireworks of the past are gone. The modern firework is more like a bomb.

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  • The sooner we stop selling explosives to feral children the better.

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  • Up to now every post is in favor of banning fireworks for public purchase. Nine out of ten people I speak to are also of the same opinion. I can only think that it is the manufacturers and retailers that keep this going. I am not totally opposed to organised events, albeit I think we could live without them. It's not just the fear our pets have to suffer, what about the wild life? OK, if people want to blow their hands off lighting them, that's their choice, but I can't understand why a commercial premises may be closed down because of a locked fire door, meanwhile a sixteen year old kid can walk into a supermarket and buy explosives. It wasn't so bad when we just had to suffer the one night a year, but now that one night lasts two months. I just hope Sainsburys have started a trend !

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  • I hope that you are right

    I loved bonfire night when I was young, nothing like those baked potatoes in the fire embers

    I tried to pass that on to my own children, they did not want to know and do not bother with their own children

    Hopefully this is a reflection of a trend

    A Hand Up Not A Hand Out

  • I've got to say from the outset from the outset, I absolutely love fireworks. I've not been able to get to see a public display or go to a private party for years now and so watching fireworks at this time of year has got me through some very tough times, with more imminent...

    However, several years ago these "air bombs" became available in my area and they were deafening. Having once heard the sound of a real bomb go off in London, these air bombs are as close to real bombs as you can get. It's not just the noise of them, but the vibration. They're horrible and so much so and I don't know if it was London wide, or just in my area, but they are banned. Since then it's been much better, but bonfire "night" does still tend to go on for three weeks where I am and that reduces the enjoyment of the whole thing as all the firework/bonfire/Halloween parties are all so spread out.

    I don't have pets, but I know from neighbour's pets how unpleasant it all is and is Bibble's says, what about the wildlife especial;ly when the noise goes on for so many weeks. However, I would not ban them. I agree with bryan's comments, that's it's certain parents who are the problem and those I would certainly ban!:evil:

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