Terrorist Attack in London Bridge Area

  • More than one person has died after an incident involving a vehicle and stabbings in the London Bridge area of the capital, police have said.

    Armed police responded to reports of a van hitting pedestrians on the bridge in central London.

    The Met Police said officers were also at Borough Market nearby where they were responding to reports of stabbings.

    The force said they were also attending a reported incident in Vauxhall.

    London Bridge Attack

    It looks like a van rammed into people on the bridge and then the terrorists went and stabbed people in the nearby bars around London Bridge and Borough Market. Obviously this is Saturday night and this area is very busy with people... So far, one person has been killed.

    No other details as yet. There maybe more than one attack, but details are sketchy at the moment.

    I used to work in the building on the site that The Shard is now located, right by this.

    It's a bit like the IRA campaign, this just goes on and on and on....:cursing::(

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  • But "they won't divide us", "we are not afraid", "we are One" and all that guff ...

    I think there will be many more of these and if they concatenate them one after another and get smart enough to perpetrate them in several places at the same time, you really will have chaos. You certainly have imported the terrorists IS said they would package into migrants and, it seems, an established network connected to the countries of origin where they receive training, whilst living off the British taxpayer.

    You really do need a whole new political scene and a new kind of leadership. The incumbent sausage factory isn't coping.

  • The terrorists don't even need to be organised or do things simultaneously LW, they just need something, a knife, fork, whatever, to cause carnage. They just want to kill. That is easy. We could all do it if we wanted to, but most of us are sane enough not to.

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  • I hope you're wrong and the bulk of these killers are just idiots, but some may come along who are more clued up. We've been waiting for years here to see if there is an attack in somewhere like a shopping centre (one of those closed in American style shopping malls) which would amplify the chaos and carnage.

    Overall, this country doesn't have long straight roads, so at least the damage by use of ramming vehicles into people is limited.

    I've just switched on the tv....on BBC 1 we have the "lets hug and love everyone" remembrance concert from Manchester. You'd love it LW...X/:whistling:

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  • But terrorism is supposed to instil terror. Two weeks later everyone is out enjoying themselves again on a scale bigger than before.

    Like it or not this kind of stuff you are so cynical about shows terrorism has failed, as always. I don't know anyone who is changing anything in their life due to terrorist attacks. Ordinary people can't hunt down terrorists, what do you critics expect us to do?

  • Twelve people have been arrested after the London terror attack which left seven people dead and 48 injured. The arrests in Barking, east London, followed a raid at a flat belonging to one of the three attackers.
    12 arrested in Barking

    London attack: What we know so far
    London Attack info

    May says enough is enough
    Video of May's speech

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  • I lived in a country that was beset by terrorism from a native rebel militia. Bombs went off regularly, and in shopping centres, outside hotels, in town, on farms, you name it. There were also shootings and heists from the same group.

    The populace had to be constantly vigilant. Every single waste basket on a street pole was a possible, and a favourite, place for leaving an explosive device. Every parked car ran the risk of having one stuck under it. Every, bag, case or package was suspect and if left alone somewhere, was especially so. The bomb squad were out looking under vehicles with those sweeper things with a mirror on them to look under ledges and cars all the time. If you went to buy the groceries, you seriously didn't know if you'd make it home in one piece. If you said goodbye to someone going anywhere, you didn't know if they would ever come home, or if they did you didn't know if it would be in one piece. Civilians were especially targeted. Farmers had to turn their cars and pick ups into anti-landmine vehicles because terrorists used to plant bombs on farm roads and farmers would get blown sky high as they rode along them.

    Terrorists would attack isolated farms and kill the people living there, by shooting them with AK-47s or by any other means. Many farmers and their families as well as babies and young children were killed, tortured, burnt, etc. This also happened in Zimbabwe before Robert the Great became its dear leader. Oh, yes, my friends, you will be afraid, you will be very afraid, because anyone who isn't and ponces around like it was Christmas every day when this is lurking in your midst is an idiot. And often ends up a dead one.

    Terrorists don't stop you from living your life, they make living your life difficult and tainted with the constant threat of carnage.

    Every time we went to a shopping mall, we were searched. Suspicion begins to dog your every thought about anyone who looks out of place or is carrying a bag or a package. This nonsense about going out and having "fun" is a mere chimera the powers that be are using to keep you all in thrall to an idea that even if you are shot, rammed or blown up, the love just keeps on coming, the mantras keep on flooding the truth out and you are almost always told to expect more carnage.

    They use excuses like "They're jealous of us." This is rubbish. They hate you because you are to them an infidel. No one in the Middle East is going to rock concerts and they are blown up so often no one takes much notice any more. There has just been a gigantic bomb in Kabul. Does anyone know? Or care? There are bombs at mosques and markets all over the place where no western civilization is there to hate. They are kidnapping African girls to keep as serfs and sex slaves. They put guns in the hands of boys and turn them into killing machines. This isn't because they are jealous of anything. They are full of hatred and that hatred is fuelled by religious paranoia that everyone who isn't from the sect is an enemy of God and anyone who kills one of these infidels is favoured and rewarded by God in the afterlife. Good enough excuse for a massacre. Boom! Boom! Boom! Every day. Why would the reason they blow up people at a pop concert be a special case of envy? It isn't. It has absolutely nothing to do with envy. If they truly envied you, they would simply emulate you.

    Politicians, and many others, from the establishment ideology are not willing to admit that they are wrong about most things. They are as obsessed with their own belief system and drive to implement it globally, as any other fanatic. This is why they are unable, and often unwilling, to do anything concrete about terrorism. They play for time, they lie to the people, they hover about, waiting for you to vote for them and they don't take any real steps in the direction of putting an end to your terrorisation by a cult that is sweeping the world.

    In fact, it is this laxity that is making things worse. The Muslims themselves are now becoming so angry with it that it will possibly only stop in their own countries when they begin to fight it and then it will be chased out into the west, where, no doubt, thousands of mad love-crazed acolytes of multiculturalism and liberal shangri-la will attempt to embrace it so they can celebrate something. If that occurs, you're all stuffed. Forever.

    No one returns form the death of a civilization. You only need to look at history to see this. And history tends to repeat itself.

  • ....another brilliant post from you. I only have a like button, but for some of your posts, there should be a brilliant post button!

    Unfortunately, despite May's tough words, nothing will be done. More people will die before a crackdown begins. Perhaps if the terrorists here get hold of ak47s like you mentioned, then that would make people take notice.

    Watch that Fox News clip, especially from five minutes in. Teddy bears are mentioned... something you yourself have said here, more than once.

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  • The Muslims themselves are now becoming so angry with it that it will possibly only stop in their own countries when they begin to fight it and then it will be chased out into the west

    Just on that point, the Muslims do fight it in their own countries, but the problem is so severe. Look at the attacks they get in their own countries which are far worse (apart from 9/11) than we get in Western countries, Kabul being the latest. They bear the brunt of these nutters actions.

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  • Little Wing might like this clip from Fox News, especially the comments 5 minutes in:

    Fox News Discuss Counter Terrorism

    Thanks for that. I had written and posted my piece before I looked at it. The man interviewed and myself agree on this, and think alike on it, and I would say that this accord is because we both know what living with those threats is like and what people need to do about trying to counter them. However, the big difference between Israel, South Africa and the liberal west right now, is that the populations of the aforementioned are not smitten by the hippie love bug, They co-operate. They are tough and they recognise the peril, even if they are also aware that a solution needs to be found because no one can live like this forever. Peace is the way societies function normally and the way true prosperity and security are achieved in the long run. It's maintenance of this that is important and if you haven't even started to think of countering it, you're in the soup.

    In the mean time, there is the very real potential of a horror story unfolding because no one wants to admit that the emperor is naked. Go on doing that, and feeling superior about it, and the blood of civilians will be on the hands of those who refused to act in self-defence.

  • It's a bit like societies (ie in the Brazilian rain forest) or past civilisations, or animals that have never came into contact with man. What all these things have in common is they have no concept of conflict.

    Today, in the west, we have lived in a unprecedented age of having no war, at least not in our own homelands. A continuous period of no war from after WW2 onwards, generation after generation.

    So, we don't know how to deal with conflict. It is alien in our own homeland, well, if you excuse the IRA bombing campaign, but they did usually give warnings though.

    It is a war, yet our politicians don't realise this because there aren't foreign soldiers landing on our beaches. They don't need to invade, many of them were born here....

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  • Without giving my exact location away, there are raids going on right NOW and they are not that far from my location. When things are 15 miles away, it's a case of hey, that's still a long way away. But knock 10 miles off that and its getting closer to me...

    Reports of explosions and gunfire according to ITV's Good Morning.

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  • Blimey! I know you have English ancestry, is there any Dutch in there too?

    Do you speak Zulu, or any of the native languages?

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  • No Dutch. I am half Anglo-Saxon and half Norse. No, I don't speak any African languages, but took German for seven years at school. My mother could speak some Zulu because she came from Natal and most whiteys speak some there. One of my aunts could speak fluent Swazi because she grew up in Swaziland. Her father was an Anglican missionary, I think. Later moved to Natal. Married one of my mother's brothers. I don't think many modern British know how many of their former colonial folk lived in Southern Africa. Not only did we establish much of its early civic structures, we are directly related to you buggers and that's why we often come round to support you. Or go back "home". Same with many from Zimbabwe, Australia, , New Zealand and America. (The Canadians tend to be awfully liberal, so they are mostly whimpering with the left and aspiring to become saints.) :evil:

  • Fascinating LW.

    Most "modern" Britons haven't got a clue about anything, let alone "their" history, but their not really British or English anyway. Well, actually, that's unfair, some do integrate, but many do not with the consequences we are now seeing. I believe it will get far worse, before it gets better, but we'll see.

    Anyway, I know all about the colonial history in SA. I watched the film Zulu with Michael Caine!8o

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  • A minute's silence has been honoured and a church service held in memory of those murdered in the London Bridge terror attack, exactly a year ago.

    Eight died and 48 were injured by three men who drove into pedestrians, then stabbed people in Borough Market.

    Their loved ones lit candles at the Southwark Cathedral service, which was attended by the prime minister and members of the emergency services.

    After the one year anniversary of the Westminster attacks in March and the Manchester attacks a few weeks ago, this is the last of the one year anniversaries to mark the wave of terrorists attacks which hit the UK in 2017. If I had remembered, I probably would have gone up to London Bridge to watch the ceremony today as its somewhere I worked for several years.

    Touch wood, lets hope 2018 is a terrorist free year for us.

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