Secret NHS cost-cutting plans sound 'death knell' for British healthcare, warn campaigners

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  • Extended waiting times, ward and service closures, and withdrawal of public funding for some treatments among proposals in new national savings drive

    Senior NHS managers are discussing secret cost-cutting plans to be announced after the General Election – measures that one chief executive described as the most extreme and difficult to hit the health service they had ever seen.

    Extended waiting times, ward and service closures, and the withdrawal of public funding for some treatments are among the proposals in a new national savings drive designed to cap NHS spending, a leak has revealed.…ection-2017-a7775571.html

    One of the reason's for Corbyn's growing popularity must surely be that having agreed to Brexit he has since concentrated on domestic issues. May seems to have forgotten at the start of this campaign that many people were concerned at the state of the NHS. If this report is true, they were obviously right to do so.

    This morning I saw a report that said Corbyn has revived Blair's 1997 slogan '24 hours to save the NHS.'

  • I'll read the story on that link later Morgan to see what it says, but big changes are coming. But is it just me, but they the changes don't seem to target the correct areas?

    What about all the drunks who choke up A&E departments on Friday and Saturday nights? Is something done about them, ie they get charged? No.

    Perhaps rather than cost cutting, reviews should concentrate on the public's (and some NHS staff) abuse of the system.

    If you go mountain climbing in the middle of winter, you should expect problems and have health insurance, but instead if accidents happen the full cost lies on the NHS, not the individual.

    As you say Morgan, Corbyn is far stronger on domestic issues than May. If he were anyone else but him, May could've been beaten.

    (Not sure why I'm using the past tense there, she hasn't won yet)

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  • Like yourself, I quite fail to see why people who are drunk and incapable in public shouldn't pay the full cost of the their medical treatment and I would add in the cost of the police time and night in the cells as well if that's what it involves.