Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants drop off radar in the UK every year

  • Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants drop off radar in the UK every year according to secret figures

    Up to 250,000 people drop off the radar and end up as illegal immigrants in Britain every year, according to secret Home Office figures, amid warnings that border controls are completely ineffective and will only get worse after Brexit.

    David Wood, who was head of immigration enforcement at the Home Office until 2015, said that more than 1.2million illegal immigrants are currently living in Britain, predominantly after overstaying their visas.

    People are not aware of the scale of the problem because official figures are not published and Home Office estimates for illegal immigrants are kept secret by ministers because they are "embarrassing", according to experts.…drop-radar-uk-every-year/

    No surprises here. It's obvious that there are far more illegals here than the official estimates tell us. 1.2 million here now? I'd be inclined to double that or even treble it but whatever the real figure is, by this time tomorrow there will be dozens, if not hundreds more. If the government doesn't release enough money and employ enough staff to tighten up our borders, change the laws to stop abuse of the asylum system and ensure illegals are removed the situation will simply get worse and worse until it descends into total chaos.

  • In East London alone I'd estimate there are at least over a million illegal immigrants here. The hospitals here are in meltdown.

    As for doing something about it, as I keep saying I don't trust May on this. She was in charge of the Home Office for several years and did nothing. What evidence is there that she has "seen the light" on this issue and will now address it?

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  • I think politicians not on the left have difficulty making these sort of decisions on account of the lack of support they get when they do. If a surge of support accompanied such things, they might feel better about going for the gap.

    A truly tough minded self thinker would, probably, take the chance. But they would need a set of big ones because they would be facing mutiny on one hand and a howling mob on the other. Plus the media, yapping at the scent of a fox. So they'd have to be good at standing alone.

  • The reason they don't touch it LW is as we've discussed before.

    If politicians go down the route of controlling immigration it leads into issues of race, religion and culture.

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  • I doubt it will happen in my lifetime LW. And besides there will need to be a lot more terrorist attackers, or whatever comes next, before politicians wake up.

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  • And the source for this is The Telegraph? The 'newspaper' which even failed in it's attempt to smear George Galloway, by producing blatantly fake 'official Iraqi documents' when Baghdad was a warzone? And, when Sinn Fein were first invited to Downing Street talks, gave a figure for fatalities in The Troubles which omitted all those killed by Loyalists or the security forces?

    The simple truth is that right wing politicians will never fully resource an efficient immigration system - otherwise they and their media allies would have fewer 'bloody foreigners' to blame when everything goes wrong.

  • Fully agree about resourcing Plastic Mackem. If the Border Force, or whatever they're called, don't have the people, then we can't control immigration, same as for the Passport Office and all the other branches of the Home Office that deal with these matters.

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  • I don't even consider politicians when thinking about the horrors that await some nations on account of the problems inherent in ideology and religion. To me, politicians are just bandwagon jumpers with expense accounts. Those who are theocrats or ideologues get one section of any population to fight another section on whatever grounds suits the plot. This is the real evil of divisions and hatred. Marxism's great achievement. It's a pity the doo-doo brained public can't see it.

    The most terrible crime against any nation is to endeavour to divide it upon itself. I would suggest that this is what most politicians and clerics thrive on and they simply blame these conflicts on various dissenting factions in the population. The population itself needs to be united and the best way to achieve this is for the population to have basic things in common culturally, linguistically and ideologically.

    This isn't happening in Britain at the moment and no matter how much the political voices and the media cant on about all the horrid folk who "want to sow division" and prevent the big tent and the big hug, it's the confounded elites and their flunkies who have caused this mess in the first place.

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